Andrew Jackson Council - Spring Camporee @ ERDC

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Spring Camporee @ ERDC

Event Details

Exciting Adventure Awaits at the Spring Camporee with the US Army Corp of Engineers EDRC Lab in Vicksburg! 

Get ready for a thrilling exploration as Scouts embark on a journey filled with fascinating experiences at the upcoming Spring Camporee. Hosted in collaboration with the US Army Corp of Engineers EDRC Lab in Vicksburg, this event promises a blend of education and excitement.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the highlights awaiting Scouts:

Scientific Visualization: Immerse yourself in the world of scientific discovery with cutting-edge 3D viewing technology.

Towboat Simulator: Navigate the waters like a pro with our towboat simulator – a hands-on experience you won't forget!

Hydrodynamic Modeling: Unravel the mysteries of water flow and dynamics through engaging hydrodynamic modeling activities.

Reptile and Amphibians: Get up close and personal with fascinating reptiles and amphibians, learning about their unique characteristics.

Drones for Military and Civilian Research: Witness the incredible capabilities of drones and their diverse applications in both military and civilian research.

Robots: Explore the world of robotics and witness the latest advancements in technology.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): Unleash your creativity with hands-on experience in additive manufacturing, including the fascinating art of 3D printing.

Research on Levees, Soil, Pavements, and Aquatic Animals: Dive into important research areas involving levees, soil, pavements, and aquatic animals – gaining valuable insights into environmental science.

Design/Construction of Physical Models: Channel your inner engineer as you design and construct physical models, putting your creativity and skills to the test.

Join us for an unforgettable Camporee where adventure, learning, and fun converge. It's an opportunity for Scouts to broaden their horizons and discover the wonders of science and engineering. See you there! #SpringCamporee #EDRCLab #ScoutAdventure

When & Where
Spring Camporee @ ERDC
US Army Corp of Engineers - EDRC
Friday 03-01-2024 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 03-03-2024 10:00 AM CT
Limit One Registration Per Unit
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