Anthony Wayne Area Council - College of Commissioner Science 2024

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College of Commissioner Science 2024

Event Details

I want to invite you all to the Anthony Wayne Area Council, College of Commissioner Science.  This is an all-day event that this year offers 18 choices of classes to attend.  It offers something at all levels of training for Commissioners and consists of only Commissioner Courses. 

However, the Commissioner College is not just for Commissioners. That's right.  We welcome any scouter who wishes to attend.  In the event that you may be interested in one day becoming a Commissioner, this will help you to understand better what Commissioner Service is all about and at the same time provide you with information to help you preform your present level tasks with much more ease. 

You will find courses specific for, continuing education, and Degree level courses in Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate.  

Providing great Commissioner Service is much easier with good training.  The better the Commissioner is trained the better service the Commissioner can provide to the units so the units and the scouts can have great success. 

When & Where
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Saturday 03-09-2024
8:00 AM ET to 4:15 PM ET Past
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