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Finding Independent Track - FIT

Event Details

Finding Independent Track - F.I.T. through BSA Exploring (

WHY: To encourage self-awareness and cultivate future well-being in individuals.

Philosophy: F.I.T. encourages self-awareness by nurturing an interdisciplinary mindset through real-time reflection, and contextualization of self. F.I.T. nurtures interactive learning and in-depth research to demonstrate the interconnectedness between the Earth, the Human, and our Social and Political constructs. F.I.T. graduates as advocates of health, education and environment

WHAT: F.I.T. brings to light overarching global problems that affect the well-being of individuals through real-life case studies. Solutions are developed using a) contextualization, b) critical thinking, and c) student-teacher and peer-peer interactive and adaptive learning approaches in the following tracks:

Data Sciences Statistics, Programming, Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Environmental Science
Earth Science: Environmental Sciences, Sustainability, Soil and Water Conservation, Nature, Geology, Chemistry
Health Science: Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Nutrition, Physical Fitness
Political Science: International Business, American Labor, Cultures and Heritage, Law, Citizenship in the Community, Nation, and the World

WHO: F. I. T. is a rapid and an intense adaptive learning program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to transform into advocates of health, environment, and education.

HOW: Exploration of SELF through experiential learning and here’s how:

  • Self-reflection
    • Ask “why” to add “value” into daily minute
    • Help make ethical and moral choices
  • Nurture stewardship of self and the earth
    • Develop day-to-day workflows to nurture wellbeing at home and surrounding ecosystems
    • Cultivate a healthy self, through conscious engagement with daily activities
  • Citizenship
    • Encourage the skill and desire to help others
    • Gain a keen respect for the basic rights of others
  • Apply life skills
    • Effective communication through a comprehensible language
    • Facilitate positive and constructive social interactions and feedback
  • Provide insights into the current standards-of-operation
    • Provide hands-on, interactive career experiences
    • Develop potential contacts that may broaden career options

Critical thinking: All four tracks will solve current problems using the following four steps:

  1. Organize facts/knowledge
  2. Identify patterns by graphing, modeling and articulating data, and making inferences
  3. Gather insightful information to explain cause and effect relationships, and
  4. Build explanatory and predictive models


  • Online over multiple Zoom sessions
  • Long-distance hiking on Saturdays
  • Multiple field trips (TBD) during weekdays


When & Where
Earth Sciences
Thursday 07-15-2021 4:00 PM PT to
Saturday 07-31-2021 5:30 PM PT
More Information

Health Sciences
Thursday 07-15-2021 5:30 PM PT to
Saturday 07-31-2021 7:00 PM PT
More Information

Data Sciences
Thursday 07-15-2021 7:15 PM PT to
Friday 07-30-2021 9:00 PM PT
More Information

Political Sciences
Thursday 07-15-2021 7:15 PM PT to
Saturday 07-31-2021 9:00 PM PT
More Information

Saturday 07-10-2021 4:00 PM PT to
Wednesday 07-14-2021 9:00 PM PT
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