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Harford Fall Camporee

Event Details

To: Harford District Webelos and Scouts, BSA Units

For: 2023 Fall Camporee

Place: Camp Spencer, BCMSR

Date - October 6 - 8, 2023

Subject: Registration and Program Information

Unit Leaders – On behalf of the Harford District Activities Committee. I am sending this email (BCC) directly to each of you in order to give you a 'heads up' on the registration and program for 2023 Fall Camporee.

Fall Camporee is a little more than 2 months away and here is information for how your group is to register for the event as well as a Program Overview of the stations and skills for your group to prepare for the event.

** Program Theme ** 

Our theme this year is Back to Basics. This is a great opportunity for Scouts BSA units to show upcoming Webelos groups what your troop does, where you go camping and show a scout skill as part of the Camporee theme.

This event allows Webelos Den Leaders to meet and build relationships with the Scouts BSA units volunteering at the Camporee. This helps Webelos Leaders with support from Troops to have Den Chiefs, Camping Opportunities and bridge to a quality unit.

** Who Can Attend the Event **

The event is open to all Scouts who are registered Webelos Scouts or Scouts BSA during the 2023 Scouting Year. No siblings are allowed to attend unless they are registered Scouts with the Webelos Den, Scouts BSA unit, a Den Chief for a Webelos Den or member of the staff.

If a Scout Unit chooses not to attend,  a Scout and Parent can register and attend. They will be assigned to a provisional unit.

** Program Overview - The activities will include demonstrations and competitive events, hosted by Scouts BSA units of which some are camping, first aid, knots, lashing, map and compass, trail safety.

Webelos Dens will follow the trail of activities that will include skills listed above along with many other skills as well as helping them to meet with the participating troops.

Scouts BSA Units – we invite your unit to join us in two ways. 

One, to have your younger scouts participate as a patrol in the activity trail.

Two, to run an effective Camporee Program, we need your help with the various trail stations and other events scheduled throughout the weekend. We would like each unit to provide a skill at a trail station. This gives your unit a chance to directly interact with each of the Webelos Dens attending the weekend. 

Three, each Scouts BSA unit may setup a table to provide prospective scouts more information about your unit.

We have attached a Troop Program Resource document that provides many examples for station skills which you may find useful in determining the skill your unit would like to present.

If your unit can assist with running an event station, please contact me, Rich Trznadel,  at by July 31, 2023.          

** Campfire Program – Please come prepared with a skit, song and cheer that will be judged as one of the event stations during the day. The highest scoring skits, songs and cheers will be presented at that evenings campfire.                        

** Registration – Weekend Camping -  Registration will begin on Friday, October 6 at 6:00PM. Please arrive as a group and check in at the Camp Spencer Dining Hall. Have with your 3 copies of your registration list and a troop / pack check to pay for the registration fee of $10 per person.

** Registration – Day Participants – Registration will begin at 8AM Saturday morning. Please arrive as a group and check in at the Camp Spencer Dining Hall. Have with you 3 copies of your registration list and a troop / pack check to pay for the registration fee of $10 per person.

** Camp Sites -  Campsites will be assigned. Please submit your 3 choices and I will do my best to honor your top request. Please send your request to me, Rich Trznadel at my email address 

Harford District Activities Committee looks forward to seeing your group attend the 2023 Fall Camporee and if you have any questions please contact us.

Rich Trznadel

410-591-7917 (cell / text)


Hosted by: HA
When & Where
When: 10-06-2023 4:00PM to
          10-08-2023 11:00AM

Where: Camp Spencer
            3773 Peach Orchard Road
            Street, MD 21154


Coords: 39.6885939, -76.2814469