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Camp Phillips 2024

Event Details


An overview of our programs is available at:

Camp Phillips has been serving Scouts and Leaders from across the nation for over 60 years. Whether you are a Scout attending Camp Phillips or a Scout Leader, our facilities and staff are sure to accommodate all of your needs.


  • Docks and Row Boats in Every Campsite

  • Over 40 merit badges

  • Exciting COPE, Aquatics, and Shooting Sports Programs

  • Rock Climbing Trips

  • Skilled Trades & STEM

Check out our Camp Resources in the Attachments Section of this page:

  • General Tips and Reminders- reminders and updates that are emailed to unit contacts. This document is updated regularly. 
  • Medication Administration... - link to medication administration training and info
  • Leader Guidea full information guide for Adult Leaders, SPLs, and Parents alike.
  • Youth Guide - a flier for youth to learn more about our programs and make class selections
  • Merit Badge Schedule - a schedule of our Merit Badge and all scheduled classes
  • Merit Badge Notes and Prerequisites -  a document which breaks down what requirements will be taught at camp, and notes related to classes.
  • Bring a Friend Flier a printable flier about our special program that allows Scouts to bring their friends that are not currently in Scouting and get rewarded.
  • Bring a Friend Site - a website with all information and details about the above Bring a Friend program.
  • Campership Forma financial assistance form for youth in the Chippewa Valley Council
  • - a website with an overview of our programs. 
  • Packing List- a list that each individual can print and check off when packing for camp.
  • Adventure Week - a 5 day program in August 2023 for Scouts 14+. Click link to register and learn more!
  • Refund Form- a request of a refund for a Scout or Adult.
  • Health Form- a link to the BSA Health Form website. Be sure to click "Going to Camp" option. This will give you the most up-to-date form. 
  • Which Camp is Right for My Scout?- a document that explains which of our Summer Programs is right for your Scout. 

So you want to come to camp... What's next?

  • Find a session that works for your troop. Click the "$110 Pre-Register Deposit" button
  • Enter an estimated number of youth and adults that will be attending with your troop. Enter a low end estimate, it's really easy to add to your registration.
  • Enter required information. Check out and pay your deposit. You can either send a check with your reservation number or credit card payments are accepted.
  • You will begin receiving email updates from us with reminders, updates, and changes. 
  • Have your Scouts review our Merit Badge Schedule. 
  • March 1, merit badge registration opens. You will need information about each Scout including name, contact information, age, and rank when this process opens up.
  • April 1, make a payment to take advantage of Early Bird pricing. 

Do you have a Scout that can’t attend with your troop, but would still like to attend camp?

There will be a host troop Session 2 (June 25—July 1) known as the “Scout Synergy Troop.” Scouts from several troops will come together and experience camp as a Synergy Troop.

If session 2 does not work for your Scout, we can find a host troop in any other session as well.

Email if interested in participating in Synergy Troop or finding a host troop during another session.


Please contact Eric Muench at or 715-598-9299 if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you in 2024. 



2024 Camp Phillips Fees
Early Bird Rate
Registered & paid before 5:00 p.m. Mon 4/1/24.
$320 $340 $175
Regular Rate
Registered & paid before  5:00 p.m. Fri 5/31/24
$330 $350 $175
Late Rate
Registered after 5:00 p.m. 5/31/24
$340 $360 $175
*Scouts that crossover into ScoutsBSA in Spring 2024 are eligable for Early Bird Rate, regardless of date of registration. Contact us to apply this rate to scouts. 

Coupons and Promotions

There is a promotion for Scouts that attend a second week of camp, including NYLT. This promotion gives $100 off the price of the Scout's second week of summer camp, or their week of summer camp if attending NYLT. In most cases, this promotion is automatically applied - the promotion will only automatically apply if unit and name information match in each session. Contact Eric Muench to verify the status if you are unsure.

It is your responsibility to ensure that promotions are applied before the end of your week of camp. Sorry, we can't apply discounts or give refunds for discounts that were not applied before the end of your week of camp.

Popcorn camperships or financial aid camperships will not apply automatically until names are entered in for your unit.

If you wish to not take advantage of this promotion after it has been applied, contact Eric Muench. By not taking advantage of this promotion, you are further supporting the mission of Camp Phillips and helping to keep costs low for all Scouts. 

Campsite Matrix
When & Where
Session 6
Camp Phillips
Sunday 07-21-2024 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-27-2024 9:00 AM CT
More Information

Session 1
Camp Phillips
Sunday 06-16-2024 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-22-2024 9:00 AM CT Past
More Information

Session 2
Camp Phillips
Sunday 06-23-2024 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-29-2024 9:00 AM CT Past
More Information

Session 3
Camp Phillips
Sunday 06-30-2024 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-06-2024 9:00 AM CT Past
More Information

Session 4
Camp Phillips
Sunday 07-07-2024 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-13-2024 9:00 AM CT Past
More Information

Session 5
Camp Phillips
Sunday 07-14-2024 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-20-2024 9:00 AM CT Past
More Information