Bay-Lakes Council - 2023 STEM Pi Day

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2023 STEM Pi Day

Event Details

Pi Day 2023

Just added: Adult leader trainings!

Merit Badge Counselor Training

Eagle Coach Training


Pi Day 2023 will take place March 11th at Fox Valley Tech in Appleton Wisconsin.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to order a shirt please click this link:

Volunteering and Shirt Order Form

We have something for everyone from Lions to Leaders.

Cub Scout Program

Lions & Tigers will have a half day program. Adult partners are required to attend with their Scouts. Join us for an action packed super fun morning and then head home just after lunch.

Lions 1/2 day program with their adult partner! - Build it up, Knock it Down and Rumble in the Jungle adventures plus Fun STEM activities

Tigers 1/2 day Program with their adult partner! - Curiosity, Intrigue and Magical Mysteries and Sky is the Limit adventures and Fun STEM Activities

Wolves Program - Fun STEM activities (adventure development in progress)

Bears Program - Marble Madness adventure, Fearful Symmetry Nova, and Fun STEM Activities

Webelos Program - Engineer and Art Explosion adventures with Fearful Symmetry and Swing! Novas PLUS  Fun STEM activities

Stay tuned for updates!

Please fill out the form above if you are willing to help make the cub program fantastic by volunteering :)


Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and Arrow of Light Scouts will have a full day program. Parents will not be able to attend the class with their Scouts to allow us to maximize the number of youth who can participate in the program. We are limited by fire codes and want to make the program accessible to as many youths as we can.


Scouts BSA Program:

Scouts BSA members will have a full day program including lunch. Parents will not be able to attend classes with their Scouts to allow as many Scouts as possible to participate in the programming. Scouts can choose from our many Merit Badge offerings. Scouts may select 2 half day Merit Badges or 1 full day class.

Merit Badges offered are:

1/2 Day (Choose 2)

American Cultures 

Coin Collecting                       

Digital Technology                             

Disability Awareness






Scouting Heritage                               

Space Exploration                         

Truck Transportation                          



Full Day Sessions

First Aid - must have 1st class first aid requirements done prior to Pi day.

Nuclear Science – 14+ older Scouts


If you are interested in volunteering for this event please reach out to Amanda Tuttle at