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Pi Day

Event Details

Bay-Lakes Council's STEM Committee is offering a STEM Challenge Program to all of our Scouts! In total, we will offer 9 STEM Challenges. The first two STEM Challenges will be released on our traditional STEMpede Saturday (10.3.2020) and then every 3 weeks and 1 day at 4:00 PM (3.14), until our virtual "Just Shy of Pi Day" event, scheduled for 3.13.2021. 

If interested in participating, Scouts should register online for $10 and watch the video demonstrations we have created for each STEM Challenge. They will need to take a video, 5 minutes in length or less, recreating the challenge using their own STEM skills, creativity, and guidelines for each challenge. Announcements of each winning video submission for all challenges and age group categories will take place live on Bay-Lakes Council social media pages on 3.13.2021. All participants registered for the STEM Challenge will receive a participation patch.

The STEM Challenges will be announced on the following schedule (see below for Challenge video demonstrations):

  • Challenges 1 & 2: 10.03
  • Challenge 3: 10.11
  • Challenge 4: 11.02
  • Challenge 5: 11.24
  • Challenge 6: 12.16
  • Challenge 7: 1.07
  • Challenge 8: 1.29
  • Challenge 9: 2.20

Registered Scouts may participate in as many STEM Challenges as they choose and only need to register once for the STEM Challenge Program. Demonstration videos and guidelines in pdf format for each STEM challenge are available in the registration system and will also be emailed to registered Scout families as each new challenge is announced.

Additionally, A virtual STEM Fair is being offered. Scouts will need to submit a video with an experiment or STEM activity of their choosing. The STEM Fair has an additional charge of $5 per participant and you must be registered for the Challenge Program to participate in the STEM Fair. All participants who register for the STEM Fair will receive a STEM Fair participant patch. 

The STEM Fair provides Scouts an opportunity to complete a STEM-based experiment or activity of their choice and compete against other Scouts in their age group. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with a Supernova Mentor and complete a requirement for a Supernova award!

Age appropriate categories are offered for every level of Scouting in the STEM Challenge Program and for the STEM Fair.

The categories for each are:

  • Cubs, Lions & Tigers
  • Cubs, Wolves & Bears
  • Webelos & AOL
  • <=13 Scouts BSA (13 years and under)
  • >=14 Scouts BSA, Venturers, Sea Scouts (14+ years)
  • Show Off Super Cool (anyone under 21 years old for the super creative Scouts looking to challenge themselves)

Scouts will submit a video of them completing their STEM Challenges or STEM Fair experiment or activity to be reviewed by our panel of volunteer judges no later than March 1, 2021. HINT HINT... each PDF of challenge guidelines contains the scoresheet the judges will use while reviewing submitted videos. Use your math skills to determine how many points you can earn! Videos should not exceed 5 minutes and will have file size limitations. We are working with our technical advisors to determine what our system can handle and will communicate this information to registered scouts in the coming days.

To get started, complete your registration, watch our demonstration videos, check out our guideline documents, and think about how you will take on the challenge!

Challenge 1 Video Demonstration: The Egg Drop Challenge
Challenge 2 Video Demonstration: Simple Machines & Playground Challenge
Challenge 3 Video Demonstration:
Marble Run
Challenge 4 Video Demonstration: Catapults
Challenge 5 Video Demonstration: Cool Things With Liquids

Additionally, we are collaborating with New Horizons District in the Greater St. Louis Council to offer an opportunity to our Bay-Lakes Council youth. New Horizons is offering a Pi-K walk event that our Scouts will be able to participate in virtually. Stay tuned for more information on this fun activity!

If you haven't already, please stop by our Facebook pages and give them a like! &

When & Where
Virtual STEM Challenge Event
Center for Scouting
Saturday 03-13-2021 7:00 AM CT to 5:00 PM CT Past
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