Glacier's Edge Council - Yahara District Klondike 2021

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Yahara District Klondike 2021

Event Details

Norse Nights

Yahara District Klondike

January 16, 2021
Camp Indian Trails - Janesville, WI
Norse Nights
Farmers, explorers, and merchants. But to some they were considered pirates. Vikings were the Scandinavian warriors of the sea, known as barbarians by those who feared them. Travel with us to the tenth century - to the days of the Vikings! 
This event is meant to test the patrol, crew or den as a unit. Teamwork, camaraderie, preparation, and your scout skills are what you will need to succeed in this challenge. The competition will be divided into two divisions with the scouts competing only with other scouts in their division. The Webelos division will consist of all the Webelos and Arrow of Light dens and the Scout division will consist of Scouts, BSA and Venture Scout Crews. Awards will be given for each division.
Youth - $20
Adult - $12
Lunch is included in the cost. Hot chocolate and coffee will be available in our Warming Tent throughout the event. 
Our Leader's Guide is available now
For any questions, or if you want to volunteer, please contact:
Dan Burhans at
When & Where
Camp Indian Trails
Saturday 01-16-2021 7:00 AM CT to 6:00 PM CT Past
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