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Scout in a Box

Event Details


The purpose of the Trail to First Class program is to provide your newer Scouts a more focused approach to help them develop the skills they need to advance to Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class. This will allow these Scouts to truly learn the skills, as well as give them potentially more time to earn other merit badges. This is open to all scouts in all councils.

Each kit will include materials needed to complete these requirements. Materials such as a first aid kit, a pocketknife, knife sharpener, compass, pioneer kit, rope with a knot board, and fire striker. We recommend that you get one kit per scout because who wants to share any of these great items.

This is not an in person event, it will be completed virtually unless the scout wants or need to test with their unit.  Videos will be sent out on Mondays, on Saturdays at 9am MST there will be an interactive virtual game where Scouts can participatebut they will also be ask questions about the requirements. We are asking that scouts fill out the fillable pdf worksheet where is say discuss and also make a video of the requirements where it says demonstrate. We will have a site that you canupload your information for that week. The sumbmissions will be due by Sunday at Midnight for that week. We will then watch the videos and review the worksheet  to sign off the requirements.  If a scout cannot come on Saturdays to the virtual meeting, that is ok. We have changed the way we are checking the requriements because we have found out that scouts are now getting busy again and may not be able to make it on a Saturday morning. They can either make the videos and send them in or  they may go to a leader in their unit to get tested and signed off. This is a great way to learn the skills and practice during the week.

The videos that are going to be uploaded on Mondays for your scout to watch will contain the following advancements. This Scout in the Box event will start May 31st and the last day will be June 26th. After the last day we will email out the information to the email address provided on what each scout completed.


Totin Chip

Scout 5

Tenderfoot 3d.

Second Class 2b.


Knots and Lashings

Scout 4a.

Scout 4b.

Tenderfoot 3a.

Tenderfoot 3b.

Tenderfoot 3c.

Second Class 2f.

Second Class 2g.

First Class 3a.

First Class 3b.

First Class  3c.

First Class 3d.


First Aid

Tenderfoot 4a.

Tenderfoot 4b.

Tenderfoot 4c.

Tenderfoot 4d.

Second Class 6a.

Second Class 6b.

Second Class 6c.

Second Class 6d.

Second Class 6e.

First Class 7a.

First Class 7b.

First Class 7c.


Nature and Hiking

Tenderfoot 5a.

Tenderfoot 5b.

Tenderfoot 5c.

Second Class 3a.

Second Class 3c.

Second Class 4

First Class 5a.

First Class 5b.

First Class 5c.

First Class 5d.



Tenderfoot 7a

Second Class 8b.

First Class 9a.



When & Where
Trail to first class
Yucca Council Service Center
Monday 05-31-2021 12:00 AM MT to
Saturday 07-03-2021 11:59 PM MT Past
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