Greater Saint Louis Area Council - 2020 Personal Fitness Merit Badge Virtual

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2020 Personal Fitness Merit Badge Virtual

Event Details

Personal Fitness Merit Badge




The Personal Fitness Merit Badge will take place via a Zoom meeting.

To be well prepared for the meeting each scout is required to read the Personal Fitness merit badge book 2 times in its entirety and attest to that fact on their honor as a Scout. 

Each Scout should fully utilize the worksheet from the attached link or orgnize and review what he or she has learned from attentevely studying the book, as well as for documentation of his or her fitness program.

He or she must be able to recognize and explain how each element of being personally fit relates to the points of the Scout Oath and Law.

The class will meet a total of three times, once at the beginning and again at six weeks, then at twelve weeks for the final review.



When & Where
Online Merit Badge Class
Tuesday 10-20-2020 6:30 PM CT to 8:00 PM CT Past
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