Greater Saint Louis Area Council - 2024 Wood Badge Fall Session

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2024 Wood Badge Fall Session

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What is Wood Badge?

Wood Badge is the premiere adult leadership training program of the Boy Scouts of America and is recognized by Scouting organizations world wide.

Why would I be interested in spending time and money to attend Wood Badge?

Have you, your spouse or your coworker ever wished you were:

  • A better listener
  • A better communicator
  • Better able to manage conflict
  • Better at planning
  • A stronger team member

If the answer to any one of these is yes, then you need to attend Wood Badge.  These are just a portion of the leadership skills that are presented during the course.  The purpose of Wood Badge is to help you develop many new leadership skills and techniques in order to deliver the highest quality Scouting program and stronger leadership for America.

How much time will Wood Badge take?

Participants in Wood Badge attend a five-day course.  This is offered in two sessions of 3 days the first weekend and 2 days the second weekend.

Wood Badge is a two-step process, beginning with the outdoor experience, consisting of living the Scout program.  Those participating are exposed to leadership skills and Scouting skills as they apply to both adults and youth.

Through living in a Scouting atmosphere for an extended period of time, Scouters develop a deeper understanding of the Scouting program that can have a profound influence on the lives of youth in our communities.

To demonstrate an understanding of the leadership skills taught at the course, each participant writes a contract outline planning how he or she will apply the lessons learned through their role in Scouting after the course.  This is called a ticket.

The outdoor experience is followed by a period of up to eighteen months during which the Scouter applies the skills learned during the practical experience in his or her Scouting position – at the unit, district, or council levels.  Through this period, each Scouter is assigned a counselor who acts as a resource, evaluator, and Scouting mentor to assist the participant in putting into action those points discussed during the course.  The process known as working your ticket demonstrates this.

Once the ticket is completed to the mutual satisfaction of the participant and the counselor, the Wood Badge Award is presented.

What do I Wear?

For the course, Scouters will need a complete Field Uniform (Class A) for the program in which they are registered including shirt, shorts (or pants), with the appropriate socks and belt.  Information on other clothing and equipment needs will be provided to each registered participant prior to the course.

What are the Qualifications to take Wood Badge?

Wood Badge is designed to meet advanced leadership needs of all Scouters, particularly Cub Leaders, Boy Scout Leaders, Varsity Team leaders, Venturing Crew Advisors, and other unit, district, and council Scouters.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Have not previously attended a Wood Badge Course
  • Complete the basic training courses for your Scouting position
  • Complete the outdoor skills program if there is one appropriate for your Scouting position
  • Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment
  • Have successfully completed a BSA A,B, and C Physical form prior to the start of the course

There is NO tenure requirement

What is the course registration fee?

The course fee is $295 (or $275 if paid in full by the Informational Dinner). This includes a $50 deposit which must be enclosed with the application to hold a place on a course. If the course is paid in full less than 30 days before the course, the late fee will apply, which is $320. 

When & Where
Weekend 1
S-F Scout Ranch
Friday 09-27-2024 7:00 AM CT to
Sunday 09-29-2024 5:00 PM CT
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Weekend 2
S-F Scout Ranch
Saturday 10-19-2024 7:00 AM CT to
Sunday 10-20-2024 5:00 PM CT
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