Greater Saint Louis Area Council - 2023 BG/KS/SE Spring Camporee

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2023 BG/KS/SE Spring Camporee

Event Details

Come and join us for a weekend of Merit Badges, Rank Advancement, and fun as we search for the cure for the zombie apocalypse.


May 5, 2023 at 5pm - May 7, 2023 at 11am

Whispering Pines of Clinton County

10700 Camp Joy Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231


Merit Badges offered-

Emergency Preparedness

Signs, Signals, and Codes

Wilderness Survival


Pre Requisites:

Emergency Preparedness

1) Earn the First Aid Merit Badge.

Signs, Signals, and Codes

Discuss with your counselor the importance of signs, signals, and codes, and why people need these different methods of communication. Briefly discuss the history and development of signs, signals, and codes.

Explain the importance of signaling in emergency communications. Discuss with your counselor the types of emergency or distress signals one might use to attract airborne search-and-rescue personnel if lost in the outdoors or trying to summon assistance during a disaster. Illustrate these signaling examples by the use of photos or drawings.

Do the following:

Describe what Morse code is and the various means by which it can be sent. Spell your first name using Morse code. Send or receive a message of six to 10 words using Morse code.

Describe what American Sign Language (ASL) is and how it is used today. Spell your first name using American Sign Language. Send or receive a message of six to 10 words using ASL.

B. Using illustrations or photographs, identify 10 examples of nautical flags and discuss their importance.

B. Create a message in braille at least six words long, and share this with your counselor.

8) For THREE of the following activities, demonstrate five signals each. Tell what the signals mean and why they are used:

Sports official's hand signs/signals

Heavy-equipment operator's hand signals

Aircraft carrier catapult crew signals

Cyclist's hand signals

An activity selected by you and your counselor

Wilderness Survival

5) Put together a personal survival kit and be able to explain how each item in it could be useful.


Cost: $15 before April 2nd - $20 after April 2nd.

When & Where
2023 Black Gold Spring Camporee
Whispering Pines, (formerly Camp Joy)
Friday 05-05-2023 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 05-07-2023 11:00 AM CT Past
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