Greater Saint Louis Area Council - 2019 CWL Hayride Haunters

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2019 CWL Hayride Haunters

Event Details


Hay Ride Haunters Needed!!

We are looking for units that would like to set up haunting stations and provide haunters for the annual Camp Warren Levis Haunted Hayrides October 18 & 19, 25 & 26 or both weekends!  Units are welcome to camp at no charge and enjoy the use of camp on Saturday for unit activities.  Haunters will need to have their areas set and ready to begin the rides at 7:15 pm. You will need to choose your haunting site and it's corresponding campsite for camping.  You can haunt one or both weekends!  Sign up early to get your favorite spot.


Haunting Locations with Camping Assignments:

Pioneer Field by Teepees – Camping in Optimist

Pioneer Pavilion – Camping in Rotary

Roadway from Pioneer to Pool by Ranger – Camping in Pioneer Field near Ranger

Pool – Camping In Pioneer Field by Ranger

Directors Cabin/Staff Village – Staying/Camping in Staff Village

Eco Lodge – Camping in DA Field

That Area – Camping in That Place or Ouatoga

Winter Lodge – Camp by Winter Lodge

Illini Field by latrine – Camping in Illini Cove of Illini Field by Illini Cove

Warehouse Road from Illini to Warehouse – Camping in Gilwell



When & Where
Weekend One, October 18 & 19
Camp Warren Levis
Friday 10-18-2019 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 10-20-2019 12:00 PM CT Past
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Weekend Two, October 25 & 26
Camp Warren Levis
Friday 10-25-2019 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 10-27-2019 12:00 PM CT Past
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