Greater Saint Louis Area Council - 2018 Native American Cultural Weekend

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2018 Native American Cultural Weekend

Event Details

Hau Kola! It's time to Powwow!

The Nisha Kittan Lodge's 2018 Native American Culture Weekend is the perfect way to shake off the cold of Winter and spruce up your dancing clothes for the coming powwow season. Want to add to your OA ceremonial regalia' We can help!  



Camp Warren-Levis
5500 Boy Scout Lane
Godfrey, IL

6:00PM Friday, March 16 through 11:00AM Sunday, March 18, 2018

There are three Craft Sessions offered on Saturday:
Session 1 - 8:00 AM to 9:50 AM
Session 2 - 10:00 AM to 11:50 AM
Session 3 - 1:30 AM to 3:20 PM

$25 per person. 
Included are meals and craft supplies.

$12 per staff member.  Call Dave Brown at 618-447-0733 to get information for working staff.  

You'll want to bring a few dollars more for the Nisha Kittan trading post as well as the Tallow Hill Trading Post!

All meals will be served in the dining hall, and the campsites will be available for your tents. Dress appropriately! March weather in the midwest can change without could be 60 degrees during the day an below freezing at night. 

Additional program info:





1.      Give the history of one American Indian tribe, group or nation that lives or has lived near you. Visit it, if possible. Tell about traditional dwellings, way of life, tribal government, religious beliefs, family and clan relationships, language, clothing styles, arts and crafts, food preparation, means of getting around, games, customs in warfare, where members of the group now live, and how they live.

            This weekend you’ll have an opportunity to see and gather a lot of information

about the Native American Indian.  For this requirement you’ll need to visit the

American Tipi and listen to the lecture given by one of our adult instructors who will

talk about the lifestyle of the North American Plains Indian.  You’ll see how they lived,

the clothes they wore, some of their artwork, and food preparation. Try to go to as many

areas as possible, there will be a wealth of information for YOU.


2.   Do the following:

a.       Make an item of clothing worn by members of the tribe.

For this requirement you need need to make some type of costume piece;

it may be a CHOKER, a Deer Hoof item, or one of three types of BEADWORK.

Whatever you choose, you only have to MAKE ONE item.

d.      Visit a museum to see Indian artifacts. Discuss them with your counselor. Identify at least 10 artifacts by tribe or nation, their shape, size, and use.

To complete this requirement, you’ll need to visit the TIPI display and remember at least 10 artifacts you saw,  their description, what they were used for, etc.  Perhaps you should take a piece of  paper and pen/pencil and write down what you see.


3.       Do the following:

 a.  Learn three games played by a group or tribe. Teach and lead one game with a Scout group.

            The staff will teach you three different types of INDIAN GAMES.

            You’ll need to teach a fellow Scout what you learned. 

            Have FUN with it!


4.      Do the following:

b.   Sing two songs in an Indian language. Explain their meaning.

In the afternoon, you’ll have a chance to learn two songs to a beat on an American Indian Drum.  Anyone can sing! Have fun with this opportunity!


If you complete the above 4 requirements you will have accomplished INDIAN LORE Merit Badge!  If you have any problems please see a Merit Badge Counselor or ask one of the Staff members for help.  If you have any further problems please see Dave Brown and he’ll help you out!

But wait! There is a lot more going on at the NACW! Beadwork! Chokers! Deer-hoof bandoliers! Native American flute lessons! Knife Throwing! And then you'll get first-hand advice on building your regalia from dozens of experienced Scouts and Scouters. And all the excitement builds up to dancing at the Powwow Saturday night! Bring your dancing clothes and join us in the ring. If you do not yet have regalia, that's OK. All are invited to dance in the ring--no regalia required.

Some class sizes are limited. Please pre-register to ensure your place at this event! Due to space constraints, this event is limited to Boy Scouts and Venturers.

Questions' Please contact the OA Lodge Advisor, Bob Reinneck at (618) 667-6238, or  Hokahe!


When & Where
Camp Warren Levis
Friday 03-16-2018 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 03-18-2018 11:00 AM CT Past
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