Central Minnesota Council - Alpha Lupus BSA Winter Camp 2024

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Alpha Lupus BSA Winter Camp 2024

Event Details


Updated program and activities!  

Alpha Lupus is a weekend winter camping school designed to teach Scouts, Scouters and Venturers the basic skills needed to operate a safe outdoor winter program for your own unit (unit adult leadership is required).

Alpha Lupus is open to any registered Scout, Scouter or Venturer who desires to learn how to have safe fun during Minnesota's best 6 months of camping (participants must be second class and 12 years of age or older).

Alpha Lupus is for first time campers. Novice instruction, with winter camping training provided. "You will learn how to include winter camping in your troop's program for "fun" not for survival." Space is limited to the first 32 youth per weekend!

Friday night you will stay indoors and learn the ins and outs of cold weather camping.  Sessions include information about clothing, shelters, food, and gear that will keep you warm and dry and can also be fun!  Saturday night you will get to sleep in a shelter you have built yourself!

Activites include shelter building, games, and a campfire program.  Other activities may include skiiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and broomball!

All fees include facilities, training, supplies, meals and snacks.

Adult leadership is required.  Adults will be building their own shelter and sleeping outside alongside the youth.  If you do not wish to do so, please email after registering to make arrangements.

Health forms will be required of all attendees, youth and adult.  

When & Where
Alpha Lupus #1
Parker Scout Reservation
Friday 01-26-2024 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 01-28-2024 12:00 PM CT Past
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Alpha Lupus #2
Parker Scout Reservation
Friday 02-09-2024 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 02-11-2024 12:00 PM CT Past
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