Quivira Council - Cutthroat Kitchen Cooking Competition Camp

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Cutthroat Kitchen Cooking Competition Camp

Event Details

Cutthroat Kitchen Scout Skills Camp

September 6th thru September 8th

Location: Ninnescah Sailing Association - Cheney Lake State Park - 37 44' 28" N 97 50' 31" W

Early Bird Cost Before August 4, 2024: $20/Scout(FREE T-SHIRT INCLUDED)   $12/Adult   $5/Cub Youth/Adult

Cost After August 4, 2024: $25/Scout   $15/Adult   $5/Cub Youth/Adult

Registration Closes August 30th!!

Theme: Scout Skills Cooking Camp

Ahoy there! We are thrilled to extend an invitation to the second annual Cutthroat Kitchen Campout at the esteemed Ninnescah Sailing Association. With the success of our inaugural event last year, we are eager to return for another thrilling adventure filled with camping, cooking, and endless fun!

Excitement: To be the highlight on the scouting calendar, attracting participants eager for a weekend of adventure and camaraderie. Scout Troops from across the region will converge at Ninnescah Sailing Association for a chance to showcase their culinary skills and compete for fun and prizes.

Scouts of the Caribbean-Themed Ingredients: This year's cooking competition will feature a Scouts of the Caribbean-themed twist, with secret ingredients provided to challenge participants' culinary creativity. From exotic spices to mysterious treasures, scouts will have the opportunity to unleash their inner Scouts of the Caribbean and create culinary masterpieces fit for a captain's feast!

Scouts' Cooking Showcase: Scouts will cook at their campsites, aiming to WOW the judges with their meals. Each troop will have the chance to demonstrate their cooking skills and creativity, presenting dishes that reflect the adventurous spirit of the event.

Scouts of the Caribbean-Filled Adventures: In addition to the cooking competition, participants will enjoy a variety of Scouts of the Caribbean-themed activities and games designed to promote teamwork, leadership, and outdoor skills. From treasure hunts to Scouts of the Caribbean ship races, there will be no shortage of excitement and adventure for all involved.

Sailing Showcase: If lake levels permit, we would love to showcase the Sunfish sailboats and have a few association members talk about them. While there will be minimal needs from the Club, assistance with the Sunfish sailing would be greatly appreciated, ensuring our participants have a memorable experience on the water.


Staff Cordinator  David Mitchell         davidmitchell825@yahoo.com

Staff Advisor      Luke Zimmerman     luke.zimmerman@scouting.org     316.207.8116


When & Where
Ninnescah Sailing Association Cheney Lake State Park
Friday 09-06-2024 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 09-08-2024 12:00 PM CT
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