Quivira Council - 2024 HIGH Q at QSR

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2024 HIGH Q at QSR

Event Details


June 23rd-29th

This specialty program is designed for older Scouts looking for a summer program focused on adventure and experience beyond the traditional merit badge focused camp. HIGH Q participants, youth and adult, can choose to either participate in a Core Crew focusing on a specific program activity for 5 days, or a Trekking Crew that will backpack and paddle around QSR experiencing a different program every day. Participants shall be a minimum age of 13 years old, are Blue Swimmer qualified, and able to swamp a canoe. These program areas are created not only to earn merit badges, but to offer an in-depth curriculum that will help Scouts build upon their current skills or learn new ones. HIGH Q Scouts can arrive as individuals, small groups, or whole Units and then split into their specific crews for the week.

HIGH Q Core Crew programs include: During HIGH Q some crews will enjoy eating in the dining hall and some will cook in camp where they will eat as a crew for a few meals, and some of the treks will be provided ingredients to cook with and are expected to cook their own meals most of the time.

Youth HIGH Q Early Bird Fee: $390.00

Adult HIGH Q Early Bird Fee: $125.00

Youth Standard Fee: $490.00 and Late Fee: $590.00

Adult Standard Fee: $175.00 and Late Fee: $200.00

Please find a link to the Unit Planning Guide below:


When & Where
High Q
Quivira Scout Ranch
Sunday 06-23-2024 12:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-29-2024 10:00 AM CT
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