Quivira Council - Oct. Fall Black Jack Trail

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Oct. Fall Black Jack Trail

Event Details

a Backpacking Training Experience
BJT is 50 years old …
Let’s continue the tradition!

Oct. 23 - 24, 2021 at QSR

This is a council event it follows under the NCAP.  You will need the Corona 19 waiver, and you will need the BSA update Health Medical forms, A & B, both for each participant. If you don’t have them, you/your unit will not be allowed to participate in this event. You will need to provide your own two deep leadership with current YPT.

Sat., October 23, beginning 9:00 a.m. to Sun., October 24, mid-afternoon Quivira Scout Ranch – Indian Springs (watch for the BJT sign)

All Troop adult leaders and Troop officers in teams of two (example: Scoutmaster & Assistant Senior Patrol Leader as a camping team). Any team of Scouts as long as there is an equal number of an adult team. A minimum of two teams is required for a unit to participate to fulfill Youth Protection Requirements (two-deep leadership). Adult leaders will tent together; Scouts will tent together.
Everyone should be prepared for a complete pack layout / shakedown.

$5 per person, which includes patch and materials for history of the land and Leave No Trace. Registrations/Reservations here. (Reservations are payable on-site by cash or check made out to: Quivira Council, BSA)

This is a basic backpack experience to show Troop leadership different places and ways to use QSR as a Troop program.
Black Jack Trail is an experience where the history of Quivira Scout Ranch is delved into and some backpacking is done into the heart of The Ranch leaving all big, fancy equipment behind.  This is as opportunity for your Troop to go out with a minimum of equipment, have maximum fun, and use The Ranch to its fullest. There are endless program opportunities on our own Council Camp, and we urge every Troop to take advantage of them.

For more information, contact:
Jan Medlam 316-444-2121  drmicrowave72@yahoo.com
Gary Wiebe                             ptc706@gmail.com   

Jo Irsik 316-491-2231 jo.irsik@scouting.org

When & Where
Quivira Scout Ranch
Saturday 10-23-2021 9:00 AM CT to
Sunday 10-24-2021 3:00 PM CT Past
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