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Event Details


AUGUST 15 & 16

Quivira Council Scouts BSA and Venturing Units Only. 

All Participants: $20.00


The overall idea is an Ironman competition combined with a Great Race.  The patrol makes several stops all over the property, the way the patrol gets to each stop will vary.  At each stop they check in get water and a “Token”.  (The tokens will be counted at the end of the heat).  In addition, the Patrol will receive an envelope with a riddle they must solve to find the next stop.  Once all the challenges are satisfied, each patrol’s time will be tallied to determine the IRONSCOUT PATROL!

For Example:  Your next challenge is near and close, down a hill – it’s refreshing and cool - just a bike ride away. The Natives would drink there and often play.

The competition is for friendly fun ♦ The overall Winner will be the IRONSCOUT Patrol of 2020 ♦ 2 Scout Patrols – Any Combination may enter: Scouts BSA, Venturing, OA, Mixture of any 2 ♦ Participants will be timed as a Patrol – not individually

Required Items: 8 to 10 feet of rope + 2 bandanas or similar cloth + Water Bottle + A way to easily carry these items

Each Patrol will start off at the Troop Service Center at an assigned time – please be prompt. Times will be chosen by a lottery.

Time Penalties: Patrols must complete all stops and challenges
Each stop will have an item to take with you – all items will be counted at the end of your run.  

Each Patrol will have several challenges in the IRONSCOUT competition – working as a patrol will be paramount.

Mountain Biking
Multiple Obstacles
Field Archery
Interpreting written clues for the locations of challenges

Unit Participation: Each unit is asked to provide 1 or 2 individuals to help with the event.  Your volunteer will serve to help operate a station or help with logistics and support.  We will gladly accept more volunteers!

Check out the Leader / Participant Guide and get the Quivira Council COVID-19 Waiver Form under the "Attachments" area on the right of this page!

Adults must have current Youth Protection Training.

For more information and questions, please contact event leaders!

Roger Darrow – VP Program darrowroger@yahoo.com

Jo Irsik – Activities/Civic Service Chair – tshirtjo@yahoo.com

When & Where
Quivira Scout Ranch
Saturday 08-15-2020 11:00 AM CT to
Sunday 08-16-2020 1:00 PM CT Past
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