National Capital Area Council - University of Scouting 2022 - Virtual

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University of Scouting 2022 - Virtual

Event Details

The University of Scouting will not happen as an in-person event. It is transitioning to 100% virtual format. The registration sites are closed until that is completed, expected NLT February 1.



The University of Scouting is a supplemental training opportunity for all adult Scout leaders. It is the only time during the year where you can find the widest variety of training opportunities in all program areas (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, STEM, Online Scouting/Social Media, and District Operations), all in one place. Whether you are new to the program or a veteran of many years, the University provides interesting courses applicable across the Scouting programs.

•             The College of Cub Scouting provides a wide variety of courses, from working with Cub Scout-aged boys and girls to pack administration to planning for an outdoor program, all focused on meeting Scouting goals while having fun as a pack or den.

•             The College of Scouts BSA provides an exciting variety of troop, patrol and outdoor planning supplemental courses to help manage the challenges of a great troop experience.

•             The College of Adventure Scouting provides a variety of classes in Adventure Scouting, High Adventure subjects, and resources for Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships, and Scout Troops.

•             The College of General Studies offers courses that cut across all the programs. Just about everything from diversity and special needs to using technology can be found in the College of General Studies. STEM Scouts, District Operations, and Online Scouting/Social Media will be covered as subprograms (GSC500, GSC600, and GSC700 classes, respectively) within the College of General Studies

For 2022, we are offering a virtual option to those that cannot attend in person.  A limited number of classes will be offered online using Zoom the day of UoS. They will be live video of the in-person classes as they are presented. The links for the courses will be emailed to those registered for online instruction at least a week before the UoS begins. We will also include the Meeting ID number, which you can use from the Zoom application or the Zoom website. A link to a UoS Zoom Help Guide is here and on the first page of the UoS registration site: Virtual courses are identified below by period and in the course catalog by the # symbol following a class number as in CUB185# The Den Chief Role Model: 

Virtual Classes:

Period 1 – 9:10 AM - CUB185, BSA104, EAC102, GSC136.

Period 2 – 10:10 AM - CUB365, BSA108, EAC318, GSC511

Period 3 – 11:10 AM - CUB367, BSA124, EAC319, GSC522

Period 4 – 1:10 PM - CUB401, BSA315, EAC321

Period 5 – 2:10 PM - CUB211, BSA109, EAC323, GSC142

Period 6 – 3:10 PM - CUB129, BSA226, EAC324

Virtual courses will be recorded and available for viewing after the event. Handouts will be available online for viewing and printing where instructors have prepared them. Certificates of attendance and/or other forms of recognition as appropriate will be available online after the event.

Click here for the 2022 catalog of classes. Virtual Fee $20.

Registration for the virtual option closes at midnight Feb 24.

When & Where
Via Zoom
Saturday 02-26-2022 9:00 AM ET to 11:59 PM ET Past
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