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UMES Merit Badge College

Event Details


Join hundreds of Scouts from the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula and surrounding area for this exciting, classroom-based opportunity to help Scouts earn their merit badges.  Quality programs, top-notch instructors, and smiling staff make this a must-attend event. 

***We are still recruiting MB Counselors to offer additional Merit Badges or increase capacity in current offerings. If you are willing to serve as a MB Counselor for this event, please contact the MBC Staff Advisor, Ryan Teat, 

When:  Saturday, February 4, and Saturday, March 4, 2023. Scouts must attend both sessions to complete the selected Merit Badges.

Where:  University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 11868 College Backbone Rd, Princess Anne, MD

This is a CLASS A event.   

 All Scouts and Scout Leaders should demonstrate their Scout Spirit in word and deed.  Please wear your uniform. 

There are only 250 available spots- DON’T MISS IT!!!!! 

NEW THIS YEAR - Pre-printed Blue Cards are not required.  Blue Cards and Class Records can be printed after the second day of the event from the online system. 

Lunch can be purchased through the University through pre-ordering at the time of registering. If not, Scouts and Adults are welcome to pack their own lunch. 

Cell Phones - A Scout is Courteous - If you must have a cell phone, set it to silent/vibrate.  Demonstrate respect for the instructors and other classmates and do NOT make or take calls or text messages during class time. 

Prerequisite information and course can be found in links on this page. It is the Scout's responsibility to be familiar with and complete any prerequisite, project or other outside work prior to the MBC and present the work or evidence to the counselor. A note from the Scoutmaster or a signed prior partial MB Card may be useful in this.  The Merit Badge Counselor has the discretion to determine if the Scout has met the requirements. 


The Merit Badge College is an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts in career or lifelong hobby subjects. We seek out experts in areas that may be difficult for you to find such as Aviation or Forestry. 

Pick a Merit Badge
From the Course Catalog, you can select a number of Merit Badges that you have an interest in taking. We expect that you will talk to your Scoutmaster and parents about which badge to take. But in the end, we expect you to select a topic that you truly wish to learn about. Don't let rank advancement be the only consideration.

Consider Your Age
While there is not an age or grade requirement for any merit badge, certain classes at the MBC are recommended for older Scouts. In the short duration of a single day, the nature and amount of material covered in these classes will possibly make it difficult for a younger Scout to keep up. This can slow the pace of the class and the class will not complete in the intended material.  We want you to enjoy what you do here so you will do it well. (Note: The DMVC Advancement Committee has given guidance for us to limit participants in the new Citizenship in Society MB at MB Colleges to those Scouts who are 14 to 17 years old for this calendar cycle.  The Counselor instructions for the badge require that class sizes be exceptionally small and that participants in each class be within a 2 year age range.)

Getting Ready for MBC Day
We do not guarantee that you will complete any badge.  Many MB classes will have published a list of pre-requisites.  These are requirements that you should complete before MBC day.  When you complete them, bring all material to class with you such as notes, pictures, writings, reports, letters. It is up to you to make sure that you complete every requirement. Even if they are not listed, some requirements may by their nature not be doable in a classroom. You should at least attempt to complete these before the MBC.  If you can do this, then you will get the most out of the workshop.

You will be able to print class records and blue cards following the second session of MB College.  Counselors will post records in the event registration system.  Each Scout should discuss their merit badge selections with their Scoutmaster before registering for the event as your registration indicates you have approval for taking the class.  Counselors are not required to keep offline records. Some will but some will not.


When & Where
Saturday #1
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Saturday 02-04-2023 7:30 AM ET to 3:30 PM ET Past
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Saturday #2
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Saturday 03-04-2023 7:30 AM ET to 3:30 PM ET
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