Grand Canyon Council - Pinewood Derby Car Building Event

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Pinewood Derby Car Building Event

Event Details

Join us for the first PINEWOOD DERBY CAR BUILDING EVENT at the Queen Creek Recreation Annex March 15th 6-8 pm.  Then join us for the race on March 24th at the Spring into QC event.  Race is sponsored by Grand Canyon Council Scouting.  Spaces for build day are limited and sign up is required.

The event is free of charge but an official BSA pinewood derby kit must be purchased in order to build.  The Phoenix Scout Shop will be on hand with BSA kits and accessories for sale.  The basic kit runs approximately $6.00

Tools and assistance will be onsite to help you get started in making a great car.  Adults and youth alike can participate.

The pinewood derby is a racing event down a metal or wooden track competing for the best time to win to see if you can win a trophy or ribbon.  Youth with the help of an adult, build their own cars from wood, from official kits containing a block of pine, plastic wheels, and axles.  Is has become popular that adults also participate in the race and build their own cars.

Blocks can be whittled with a hand knife, band saw, or Dremel carving tool for major shaping. Decals can be added and will be available for purchase at the build day.

Cars must meet specific specifications and rules which are available at the build day or at the Pinewood Derby Registration

Other than the basic design rules, the participant is able to carve and decorate the car as he chooses. Added weights can be added to the final design to bring the car to the maximum allowable weight.  Glued weights are the only weights allowed. Cars typically vary from unfinished blocks to whimsical objects, to accurate replicas of actual cars.

After you have completed your car in order to race on the 24th you have to be registered as space is limited.  Register to race at the website above.

When & Where
Build Day
Queen Creek Library Recreation Annex
Thursday 03-15-2018 6:00 PM MT to 8:00 PM MT Past
More Information
Lynne Snyder
Lost Dutchman District Civics and Activities
Council Service Center - Phoenix
2969 N Greenfield Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Phone: 602-955-7747