Pine Tree Council - 2016 Camp William Hinds Summer Camp

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2016 Camp William Hinds Summer Camp

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Camp William Hinds
Traditional Program ~ Endless Adventure    2016!


  • Online registration platform
  • Guest speakers
  • Expanded COPE Course
  • Exciting Older Boy Programs
  • New and old favorite merit badges
  • Friendship, fellowship and fun
  • Leadership experience

Emergency Medication Plan 

The State of Maine requires that all campers that are going to carry a rescue inhaler or Epi-pens, provide the camp with an Emergency Medication Plan. Additionally, each camper must have their parent’s and physician’s approval to carry the inhaler and indicate that the camper is able to use the inhaler. At the time of check in, the camp health staff must also evaluate the camper’s ability to use the inhaler. Please be sure to complete the Emergency Medication Plan with the physician and send it to camp with the health form. A copy of the school asthma plan will be acceptable as well.

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Eri Martin
Hinds Assistant Program Director
Scott Martin
Jack Waite, Jr.
Abnaki District Executive
Wayne Holden
Hinds Program Director
Pine Tree Council Scout Center
146 Plains Road
Raymond, Maine 04071
Phone: 207-797-5252
When & Where
Week 1
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-03-2016 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-08-2016 9:00 PM Past
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Week 2
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-10-2016 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-15-2016 9:00 PM Past
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Week 3
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-17-2016 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-22-2016 9:00 PM Past
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Week 4
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-24-2016 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-29-2016 9:00 PM Past
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Week 5
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-31-2016 2:00 PM to
Friday 08-05-2016 9:00 PM Past
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Week 6
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 08-07-2016 2:00 PM to
Friday 08-12-2016 9:00 PM Past
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