Crossroads of America Council - 2018 Ransburg Summer Camp - Week 7

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Week 7 - 2018 Ransburg Summer Camp
Registration booked May 23, 2017 at 06:19 PM.
Registration closed
Assigned Campsite:
26 in Pine Grove - Left
18 in Ridge Runner - Left
5 in Ridge Runner - Right
Regular Price:$13,490.00
Cancellation/Forfeit Fee:$300.00
Early Discount: $-400.00
Late Fee: $180.00
Total Credit:$-13,570.00
Paid in Full:

John Johnson
Additional Contact Email

Unit Information
Del-Mi Troop 109 B
10234 Red Tail Drive
Cell Phone
(317) 753-9490
Campsite Details  
The council reserves the right to change campsites as needed.

Pine Grove - Left
Ridge Runner - Left
Ridge Runner - Right

Campsite Preference Comment
We would like to have some space in Pine Grove - Right, if possible.
Will you be the leader present and in charge during your week in camp?
If no, please enter your troop's camp leader's name.
Al Kane
Camp leader's phone number
Camp leader's email
Parent Portal
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Parent Portal FAQ
Event Participant Summary
Del-Mi Troop 109 B
1 Reservation Fee (paid once per troop)
39 Boy Scout Youth
10 Male Leader
Event Contacts
Natalie Pearce
Program Manager
Golden-Burke Scout Center
7125 Fall Creek Rd N
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256
Phone: 317-813-7125


This report prints a unit roster.
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Scoutmaster report showing Scouts by period. Answers the question Where do my Scouts need to be now?
Scoutmaster report showing Scouts by class. Answers the question Which Scouts are taking this class?
Excel export of each Scout's summarized class data.
Scoutmaster report showing QR codes for the unit and each Scout. QR codes are used to access class and merit badge schedules on mobile devices.
Scoutmaster report showing the Advancement requirement grid (includes merit badges, Scout rank, and any other class that includes requirements)
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This report exports merit badge data in Scoutbook format using Scoutbook's "advancement.csv" template.

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This report exports merit badge data in Troopmaster format.

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Transaction History
05-23-2017John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-150.00 
02-11-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-2,250.00 
02-25-2018George FairMerchant EFT: (***3743)$-240.00 
02-25-2018Matthew D ConnellyMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***6344)$-240.00 
03-06-2018Maxwell BrownMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***8216)$-240.00 
03-14-2018Amay R KulkarniMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***9387)$-240.00 
03-22-2018Derek A RobisonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***1397)$-240.00 
03-22-2018Zack BollenbacherMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***9020)$-240.00 
03-26-2018Alan KaneMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***1358)$-240.00 
03-27-2018Joshua KrausMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***3337)$-240.00 
04-04-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-480.00 
04-04-2018Robert L LottesMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***8143)$-240.00 
04-06-2018Joe M MillerMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***2925)$-240.00 
04-10-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-240.00 
04-11-2018Christopher J BaerMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***1829)$-375.00 
04-11-2018Brian MyersMerchant EFT: (***2936)$-135.00 
04-11-2018Matthew MyersMerchant EFT: (***2936)$-3.18 
04-12-2018Brady T BlayMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***4949)$-240.00 
04-12-2018Alexander G ArendsMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***2650)$-240.00 
04-14-2018Michael R WoodMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***7284)$-240.00 
04-14-2018Daniel P SwainMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***6320)$-480.00 
04-14-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-236.82 
05-02-2018Daniel CaslerMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***0586)$-260.00 
05-13-2018Keith A ButlerMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***9851)$-260.00 
05-14-2018Rebecca L EdwardsMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***7654)$-260.00 
05-14-2018Matthew T JohnstonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***1911)$-260.00 
05-14-2018Dane C PierceMerchant EFT: (***2807)$-260.00 
05-15-2018Edyson R GugelMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***0992)$-260.00 
05-15-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-260.00 
05-15-2018Benjamin FauxMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***6716)$-260.00 
05-15-2018Marc MaloneMerchant EFT: (***9072)$-395.00 
05-15-2018Kaleb JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***9981)$-260.00 
05-16-2018Mitchell WanglerMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***8386)$-280.00 
05-31-2018Ronald w KohlMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***8511)$-135.00 
05-31-2018Jonathan G ShimizuMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***2213)$-280.00 
06-02-2018Matthew A RhoadMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***8009)$-280.00 
06-04-2018Gregg GreinerMerchant EFT: (***1053)$-135.00 
06-05-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-120.00 
06-12-2018James R RobertsonMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***9206)$-280.00 
06-12-2018James R RobertsonMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***9206)$-135.00 
06-28-2018Blake AlvaradoMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***2486)$-280.00 
07-01-2018Jonah LurtonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***6903)$-280.00 
07-04-2018John JohnsonMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***4471)$-280.00 
07-06-2018Mark GugelMerchant Credit Card: MasterCard (***0992)$-135.00 
07-11-2018Robert L WoodMerchant EFT: (***2257)$-280.00 
07-13-2018Laura ChilsonMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***2689)$-280.00 
07-13-2018Dan CaslerMerchant Credit Card: Visa (***3066)$-135.00 
07-20-2018T109Cash - POS / Sellwise$-50.00