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Merit Badge Counselor Training

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The purpose of this training unit is to provide council- or district approved and registered merit badge counselors with understanding of the methods of counseling and their role in the advancement program of Boy Scouts of America.

The merit badge counselor’s role is to bring about learning on the part of the Boy Scout.

  • As a “coach,” the counselor advises the Scout concerning steps he should take to fulfill the requirements for the merit badge.
  • As a “counselor,” he evaluates the Scout’s performance and determines whether or not the Scout has met the prescribed objectives in the requirements.

As a result of this unit of training, the merit badge counselor
should be able to:

• State the purpose of the merit badge program for Scouts.
• Explain the role of the merit badge counselor.
• List some methods of counseling and coaching.
• Use the buddy system for counseling.


Hosted by: PW
When & Where
When: 04-20-2019 12:00AM to 12:00AM

Where: TBD
            Stafford, VA 22554