Crossroads of America Council - 2014 Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

2014 Firecrafter Fall Frenzy

09-26-2014 12:00 AM
Event Details
Are you ready for the Race to the Mystic Fire' If you think your up to it, plan on attending Fall Frenzy May 26th-28th. This years Fall Frenzy will be full of fun, knowledge, and competition to help highlight the skills attained along the trail of the Mystic Fire.

Justin Scott
Firecrafter Council Advisor
Ted Klick
Director of Outdoor Program
Golden-Burke Scout Center
7125 Fall Creek Rd N
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256
Phone: 317-813-7125
When & Where

Friday 09-26-2014 5:00 PM to
Sunday 09-28-2014 10:30 AM Past
Camp Belzer
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6102 Boy Scout Rd
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226
Phone: 317-546-6031