Crossroads of America Council - 2015 Baden Powell

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2015 Baden Powell

Event Details
Register your son for Baden Powell Merit Badge Camp if he is interested in earning as many as 8 Merit Badges over the course of 5 days. The program offers 12 Eagle Required Merit Badges, as well as several electives that change from year to year. The staff a very knowledgeable about each of the badges taught, and provide extensive background knowledge on the topic.
If you are looking for Dan Beard  click'2015danbeard

The program is located at Camp Belzer on the northeast side of Indianapolis. The camp operates Monday through Friday from 7:45am to 3:15pm.

Extended day program is also available for families who cannot arange supervision for their Scouts after the regular day ends.  Extended day lasts until 5:30pm and costs and additional $20.00 for the week.
Courses offered this year!
Archery (Week 6 only)
Automotive Mechanics (Week 3 only)
Aviation (Week 2 only)
Basketry (Week 5 only)
*Citizenship in the Community
*Citizenship in the Nation
*Citizenship in the World
Coin Collecting
Disability Awareness
*Emergency Preparedness
*Envriomental Science
*Family Life
Fire Safety (week 4 only)
*First Aid
Game Design
Indian Lore
Leather working (Week 5 only)
Mamal Study  (Week 1 only)
*Personal Fitness
*Personal Management
Public Speaking
Pulp & Paper
Scouting Heritage
Search & Rescue (Week 4 only)
Soil and Water Conservation
Space Exploration (Week 2 only)
Totin Chip (not a Merit Badge, but still useful)
Veterinary Medicine (Week 1 only)
Woodcarving (Week 5 only)
* indicates that Merit Badge is Eagle Required
When & Where
Week 1
Camp Belzer
Monday 06-08-2015 7:45 AM ET to
Friday 06-12-2015 3:15 PM ET Past
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Week 2
Camp Belzer
Monday 06-15-2015 7:45 AM ET to
Friday 06-19-2015 3:15 PM ET Past
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Week 3
Camp Belzer
Monday 06-22-2015 7:45 AM ET to
Friday 06-26-2015 3:15 PM ET Past
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Week 4
Camp Belzer
Monday 07-06-2015 7:45 AM ET to
Friday 07-10-2015 3:15 PM ET Past
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Week 5
Camp Belzer
Monday 07-13-2015 7:45 AM ET to
Friday 07-17-2015 3:15 PM ET Past
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Week 6
Camp Belzer
Monday 07-20-2015 7:45 AM ET to
Friday 07-24-2015 3:15 PM ET Past
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