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Event Details


Scouters Preparing an Interesting Fun Filled Year


SPIFFY .....

Is the opportunity to learn new skill, techniques, and 'keep-up' with the youth of today.

You will be able to ....

     Gather ideas for new things to do together

     Network with other adult leaders

     Learn what 'works'

     Learn what 'doesn't work'

     Establish resource contacts

     Ask questions you've always hesitated to ask

     Take that BIG STEP into new adventures and prepare for an interesting and fun filled year!

Where: Rainbow Council Scout Reservation, 2600 N Winterbottom Road, Morris Illinois

Who: Scout Leaders

Cost: $25.00 Until March 10th, 2020, $35.00 after March 10th.

When: Saturday, April 4th, 2020 from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Registration closes at 5:00 PM on March 25th, 2020

To register for courses, review the course descriptions on the following pages to determine which ones you would like to take.  Refer to the course summary grid to determine the times of the sessions are being offered (and how long the sessions are).  Select your choices using the course number and course code.

You are welcome to choose any combination of courses that suits your needs and interests

Check-In and Opening Ceremony:

Check-in will open at 7:30 am; Flags and Opening Comments will begin

promptly at 7:50 am.  The sessions will begin promptly at 8:00 am. 

We will be outside for most of the sessions….

Please dress for the weather.

Lunch:  (included in the registration fee)

The lunch break will run from 11:00 am. to 12:00 pm. 

Afternoon sessions:

The afternoon event will be a “Round Robin” event in which everyone will participate in 4 of the six sessions….

Shooting: Join our experienced staff and learn the latest about RSR’s shooting sports program.  Topics covered will range from the various guns available, improvements to the shooting area, gun safety, and even includes the opportunity to shoot a selection of weapons.  If the kids can do it, so can you!  Limit 6 per session.

Pioneering: The knowledge of ropes, knots, and splices along with the ability to build rustic structures by lashing together poles and spars – is among the oldest and most honored of Scouting’s skills.  Practicing rope use and completing camp craft projects with lashing allow Scout to connect with past generations of Scouts and ancestors who used many of these skills as they sailed the seas and lived in America’s forests and wilderness.  These activities can be taught and practiced at Troop / Patrol meetings and then put into action at camping and summer camp excursions. Of course there are some differences in pioneering projects today, the most important one is Scouting’s commitment to Leaver No Trace.  Where they are build, how they are built, using appropriate materials and removing all evidence of your activities are at the heart of responsible Scouting – and pioneering -- today.  Learn some of these skills, discover resources, (which begins with the Pioneering Merit Badge book), practice with other adults, you can amaze your Scouts with your knowledge and skill before you impart it to them.  You will truly be SPIFFY

Orienteering: Many use their cell phones for this exercise, but what happens if your battery goes dead or you can’t get a signal due to inclement weather, a lack of nearby cell towers or overhead foliage?  Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to use a compass to find your way?  Try this session out and learn how easy it is to orient a map and use coordinates to carry you on to your next adventure.

Derbies: If you’re new to Cub Scouting, here is you opportunity to increase your knowledge on the Pinewood Derby, Rain-gutter Regatta and the Space Shuttle Derby.  Examples of each will be set up and who knows…there might even be a race or two!

High Cope: ‘High Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience’ consists of group initiative games, trust events, and high and low ropes course.  Some activities involve a group challenge, while others develop individual skills and agility.  Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, and devise solutions to a variety of problems.  Come see what Rainbow Council has to offer.  Limit 6 per session.

Canoeing:  For centuries, the canoe was the primary method of water travel for the explorers and settlers.  It remains today an important part of the wilderness experience and a fun leisure activity that teaches skills such as communication, teamwork, and physical fitness.  Have fun learning how to get into the canoe without tipping it, practice steering and the various strokes associated with traveling in a straight line, something that is a challenge for even the most experienced.

Session Descriptions

How to Prepare for Backpacking with your Unit – This is a program that helps people to be more concerned about their environment and to help them protect it for future generations.  Learn what you need, what you don’t need and how to be a considerate outdoorsman who cares for the front country. [1-A @ 8:00 am and 3-A @ 10:00 am]  

Flag Etiquette – Have you ever wondered about proper flag etiquette and protocol?  Or attended a court of honor or pack meeting and noticed the flag was on the wrong side of the room?  Come and learn everything you need to know about showing proper respect for the flag and how to teach flag etiquette to the youth in your unit. [2-A @ 9:00 am] 

Making Youth Leadership Positions Meaningful  - Have you ever struggled to make the position of Assistant Patrol Leader meaningful?  How about Scribe, Historian or even Bugler?  In this session we will discuss how to make these positions engaging, memorable and meaningful for the youth.  [1-B @ 8:00 am and 3-B @ 10:00am]

Spice Up your Camping Program – Imagine sitting in a session and coming out with a list of more than 100 ideas for new camping destinations!  Let’s face it, camping is fun, but it can be even more fun when there is a new area to explore!  [2-B @ 9:00 am] 

7 Basic Knots – Every Scout and leader should know these seven basic knots:  Overhand, Square Knot, Bowline, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, Two Half Hitches, and Taut-Line Hitch.  If you’re planning on attending the Pioneering Session this afternoon, knowing how to tie two of these knots is a must! [1-C @ 8:00 am and 3-C @ 10:00 am]

Signing – With more focus being placed on disabilities in Scouting, and communication being key to understanding and leading, this is a great session to experience.  Learn some of the basics of sign language and being able to communicate on a whole new level! [2-C @ 9:00 am]

Climbing Primer –  Low Cope – High Cope and Climbing – Webelos Climbing Tower and Cub Scout Bouldering Wall.   This session will be a discussion of what all these are and how you can access these for your programs and units.  There will also be a demonstration of initiative games, knots, and belaying. [1-D @ 8:00 am and 3-D @ 10:00 am]  

Tinderboxes and Tubs-o-Fun – A little planning ahead (remember the motto…Be prepared?), gathering some supplies (that are just lying around the house waiting to be noticed) and you can fill any gap of time in all sorts of meetings.  Easy-Pezzy! [2-D @ 9:00 am] 

Trail Cooking – Having a good backpacking stove for your trip is essential however food for the trip can be purchased at the local grocery store.  This course will show you the many options available for backpacking stoves and fuel types.  We will also discuss how to assemble and package your food for the trip at much less cost than purchasing prepackaged backpacking foods. [1-E @ 8:00 am and 3-E @ 10:00 am]

Den Chief and Denners – Guess who the Cub Scout Leader’s best friend is?  Discover what a Den Chief is and how he can help you run an exciting program.  This trained Scouts BSA Scout role model plays a very important role on the leadership team.  [2-E @ 9:00 am] 

Youth Servant Leadership – Are you empowering your leaders on how to lead  your unit?  Learn more about how to take a step back and guide your leaders to do their best.  [1-F @ 8:00 am and 3-F @ 10:00 am] 

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops – Are you training your youth so they can be successful leaders?  Get them started as soon as they are elected to an office, and give them tools they will need!  This training will assist leaders in learning about ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops).  ILST is a pre-requisite for NYLT and a great training for all youth leaders in your troop.  Discussions will include best practices and some do’ and don’ts.  [2-F @ 8:00 am] 


When & Where
RSR Rainbow Scout Reservation
Monday 05-04-2020 7:30 AM CT to 6:00 PM CT Past
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