Rainbow Council - Online Merit Badge Series: Programming Merit Badge II

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Online Merit Badge Series: Programming Merit Badge II

Event Details

The Programming Merit Badge was introduce in 2013, to explorer and expand the interesting of the field of computer programming to the Scouts, BSA program.
This course will focus on the history of programming (and a little bit of computers), discuss risk factors and health concerns of programming, and discuss careers in the field.

During this course that will last approximately 1hr and 30 minutes, the scouts will work on the Programming MB Requirements #2, #3, #4, and #6.
Requirements #1 and #5, will NOT be covered in the course, and need to be completed (or verified) by the scout.

Programming MB Requirements:

Programming MB Worksheet:

Scouts should review the worksheet and material from the Programming MeritBadge book (if they have access to one), before the session.
If they don’t have access to the material, that is okay if they are ready to participate and ask and answer questions during the session.

#1: Cyberchip earn/recharge

Acceptable proof of the Cyberchip is a picture of a Cyberchip card, date with in the last year.   A note from the advancement chair or unit leader, that the scout has earned the cyberchip within the last year.
Cyberchip material and requirements: https://www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/cyber-chip/

#5: Programming work
There are 4 parts to this requirement.  For this virtual class, I am giving PRE-APPROVAL for any program or area that the scout would like to write their work in.
The goal is to get the scout to use 3 different languages, and be able to describe why they chose what they did… and how they went about it.

The documentation for #1, and the code segments for #5 can be sent to mbc@tkdtrio.com

That email address has been setup to ensure YPT for electronic communication will be ensured.

The day of the class, we will send out ZOOM conferencing connectivity information to the email on file for the registration.
Please do NOT share this information with another scout, as we are limiting the course (and offering more courses)  to keep the class size low and constructive. 

Use of a computer or mobile device to connect via ZOOM is required.   You will need to be able to see the material presented.
The usage of video will be OPTIMAL and highly encouraged, but not required.  

SCOUTBOOK Instructions
- After successful registration, please contact your unit leader or advancement person to add the Programming Meritbadge, to your scouts advancement track.
- After it is added, they will need to “Invite a Counselor” to the MB.    Please search for Earl Bonovich, and add him as the MBC for that merit badge.    
- After completion and digital sign-off, Earl can be removed from the linked leaders to this scout.

NOTE: During these initial offerings, all “Blue Cards” will be handled digitally via Scoutbook.   Your Scout and Unit, must be setup in Scoutbook for advancement tracking.
We will offer future sessions, without this requirement after we work through some initial sessions


When & Where
Wednesday PM Session
Wednesday 04-01-2020 6:00 PM CT to 7:30 PM CT Past
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