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Cardboard Regatta

Event Details

All Scouts age 14+ (or 13 and finished 8th grade by June 25): Can you design and build a boat from cardboard and duct tape that will outlast and outpace the competition?  

Put your skills to the test at the Cardboard Boat Regatta and BBQ at Pine Tree Education and Environmental Center.

Registration includes a BBQ lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, and a vegetarian option (indicate dietary needs during registration).

Bonus points for each non-Scouting friend you bring to the event!

Cardboard Boat construcion guidlines and competition rules are posted below and as a downloadable PDF (it says 2021, but they are still applicable to the 2022 event). Personal floatation devices will be requiredand provided at the event. Any applicable COVID-related safety guidelines will be in effect.

2022 Cardboard Boat Regatta Rules

1. Boat design and construction

  • Boats must be made before the day of the race (30 minutes will be given at the event for last minute needs)
  • Boats must be made ONLY of cardboard, duct tape and glue. NO reinforced cardboard tubes, only broken-down cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard cannot be sealed with any paint or sealants
  • Duct tape may be of varying colors for creativity
  • Boats may be a maximum width of 60” (5 ft) and a maximum length of 84” (7ft). There is no maximum height requirement
  • Boats must be completely enclosed, or permit the crew to remain fully on top of the vessel
  • Boats must be propelled by the use of cardboard paddles and/or hands
  • Paddles must meet the same construction requirements as the boats (cardboard, glue and duct tape only)
  • If any “illegal” items used in construction are discovered during the pre – or post – race inspection, the boat will be disqualified from the contest

2. Race Format

  • Boats will need to be designed to carry up to two individuals (as long as you follow COVID-19 guidelines); Crews are able to choose whether they want one or two people inside their boat
  • Each person on a boat is required to wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), which will be provided by event staff
  • Teammates who are not in the boat may help push the boat away from the shore at the beginning of the race and pull it back onto land

3. Boat Judging

  • Boats will be judged on their creativity as part of the pre-race activities.
  • Boats will be judged by their speed in the race (obviously)

4. Have fun! 


This annual event is produced by Garden State Council's Venturing Officers' Association, and is open to all Scouts of Venturing age and their friends! Visit the GSC VOA webpage for more info about us: GSC Venturing.

When & Where
Pine Tree Education & Environmental Center
Saturday 06-25-2022 11:00 AM ET to 2:00 PM ET Past
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