Suwannee River Area Council - Wallwood Outdoor Weekend (WOW)

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Wallwood Outdoor Weekend (WOW)

Event Details

Wallwood Outdoor Weekend  

November 19, 2022

Location: WBSR / 9:00am - 3:00pm

Please bring your own lunch, snacks may be purchased in the Trading Post

We're finalizing the plans for this WOW, but below is an overview of typical programs that we offer.

Wallwood Outdoor Weekend – Program Overview 

This month's WOW will include:

  • Field Games: Open for all ages!
  • SRAC History Museum Tours: Open for all ages!
  • BB gun shooting: Focus on Cub Scouts, but open for all!
  • STEM Activities: Open for all ages!
  • Blacksmithing: Open for all ages!
  • Pinewood Derby Workshop: Focus on Cub Scouts, but open for all!
  • Cooking Lessons: Open for all ages!
  • Native American Dancing Lessons: Open for all ages!
  • Native America Drumming Lessons: Open for all ages!
  • Rowboating and Canoeing: Unfortunately, our pool has suffered a pump malfunction. We're working hard to get it repaired, but it will not be running for this month's WOW. As an alternative, we're planning to open rowboating and canoeing for the day. However, a BSA swim test is required to participate in the boating activities. As it would be difficult to conduct swim tests as part of the WOW, participants must provide evidence of BSA Swim test completion. This is open to all Scouts BSA and Venturers who can provide evidence of passing the BSA swim test, such as a buddy tag, a merit badge card (such as Swimming, Canoeing etc), First Class rank card etc. Adults may also provide a BSA buddy tag as evidence of completion of the swimmer test.,this includes Cub Scout parents and your Cub Scout can ride in the canoe with you or in a rowboat with any buddy who is a swimmer.*

So, signup now and plan to attend this fun event!  Deadline is November 16th!

Make sure to complete the Firearms Permission Form attached on this page and bring it with you - Must be complete for all shooters and signed by a parent!

A parent/adult partner must accompany Cub Scouts in all activities and must be in the canoe during the aquatics activities, when offered.

* Boating Restrictions for Non-Swimmers:

For activity afloat, those not classified as a swimmer are limited to multiperson craft during outings or float trips on calm water with little likelihood of capsizing or falling overboard. They may operate a fixed-seat rowboat or pedal boat accompanied by a buddy who is a swimmer. They may paddle or ride in a canoe or other paddle craft with an adult swimmer skilled in that craft as a buddy. They may ride as part of a group on a motorboat or sailboat operated by a skilled adult.

Units may organize an overnight camping element by following the unit camping procedures established for Wallwood and contacting Dennis Whisenant at to make the arrangements.

When & Where
Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation
Saturday 11-19-2022
9:00 AM ET to 3:00 PM ET Past
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