Longhorn Council - US Cavalry Living History Camp 2018

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US Cavalry Living History Camp 2018

Event Details

U.S. Cavalry Living History Outpost 2018

Live for a week in 1872 as a soldier in the 4th U.S. Cavalry on the Texas frontier. Fire historic carbines, cannons, and Gatling guns in battle reenactments against local outlaws and Comanche, plus an all-day Civil War battle. The final night is an overnight stay in the historic barracks at Fort Richardson.

Participants learn dismounted cavalry tactics, reenactment shooting safety procedures, cartridge making, and the history of the 4th U.S! All uniforms, food, and equipment are provided.

Cavalry Troopers need thermal underwear and insulating garments to wear under cavalry uniforms, plus sleeping bags/blankets, pillows, canteen, camping gear, etc. Bring lots of warm clothing! For Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts age 13 and older.

Staffing.  Youth or adult reenactors who would like to help staff US Cavalry Winter Camp may contact the Camping Registrar. camping@longhorn.org

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When & Where
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch
Wednesday 12-26-2018 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 12-30-2018 9:00 PM CT Past
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