Longhorn Council - Worth Ranch Adventure 2022

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Worth Ranch Adventure 2022

Event Details

Worth Ranch 2022

Worth Ranch, known as “The Big Adventure,” has been a Longhorn Council tradition since 1929. Worth Ranch is one of America’s oldest and finest traditional Scouting programs. Located in scenic Palo Pinto county about 60 miles west of Fort Worth, the camp is on the Brazos River at the foot of Kyle Mountain

The camp’s historic stone and petrified wood buildings that encircle our parade ground showcase the rich and colorful history of Worth Ranch. Comanche Indians once lived on our parade ground, and Quanah Parker, the last great war chief of the Comanche, was born only a few miles up the Brazos River. The chuck wagon was developed near here in 1866. When your troop attends Worth Ranch you’ll receive traditional Scouting at its best from our talented staff and outstanding program facilities. Your Scouts can climb and rappel on the cliffs of our “Climbing Garden,” fish, canoe and kayak with us on the Brazos River, hike Kyle Mountain, swim and play water basketball and volleyball in our 2 pools, see the best campfire programs in the country, and eat in the air-conditioned Duncan Dining Hall.

Join us for Adventure week! 

This is Not your run of the mill camp experience!  Each day is something new – hiking outpost on Kyle Mountain, Biking, Canoeing, shooting sports competitions, Wakeboard excursion – just to name a few!  You just GOTTA be there! 13+ by the time the camp starts to ensure success of the youth and to support the guide to safe scouting.

PowerSummer!  Not enough adventure in your summer?  Units who book a week at WR traditional Summer camp AND book a week at a Worth Ranch Adventure week get a $100.00 discount per matching participant!  Get two great weeks for $500/youth $200.00/adult at Early bird Pricing! 

This offer Expires on with the Early Bird Pricing! Webelos Crossover and New Unit Accommodations still apply!

Webelos Crossover Accommodation.

               To support the transition of youth to the troop, crossover Webelos who plan to camp with their new troop will have their fees honored at the rate the troop earned with its registration/deposit. 

               Meaning:  Youth joins troop in April (regular fees apply), Troop had established rate at Early Bird when it placed deposits in December of 2021.  However, if the youth crossover does not complete the transfer of membership within 30 days of joining the troop, then the fees in place when he/she made the registration apply.

New Unit Accommodation:

               Newly established units (Longhorn Council Only) will be granted the Early Bird Rate when they register their new unit for camp with Deposits IF the troop registers for camp within 60 days of the charter date.  Anytime thereafter, the unit will abide by published fees.

Free-Leader Incentives:

New to WR - In council and out of council.  1 free leader slot per 10 youth registered.

Return to WR – in council only – If it has been more than 10 years since your unit was a guest at worth ranch summer camp, 2 free leaders.

Merit Badge Counselors have Merit! – If a leader with the unit - who is not required as 2 deep leadership – is a registered merit badge counselor and the program is being offered, he/she may help with the program that week and receive their leader fee slot free of charge.  Request for this must be approved in advance by Camp Leadership prior to the waiver of fees being awarded.  Request must be approved by April 22, 2022.


When & Where
Week 1 Traditional Camp
Worth Ranch
Sunday 06-05-2022 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-11-2022 10:00 AM CT
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Week 2 Traditional Camp
Worth Ranch
Sunday 06-12-2022 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-18-2022 10:00 AM CT
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Week 3 Traditional Camp
Worth Ranch
Sunday 06-19-2022 1:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-25-2022 10:00 AM CT
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Week 1 Adventure Week
Worth Ranch
Sunday 06-26-2022 1:00 PM CT to
Friday 07-01-2022 5:00 PM CT
More Information

Week 2 Adventure Week
Worth Ranch
Sunday 07-03-2022 1:00 PM CT to
Friday 07-08-2022 5:00 PM CT
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Week 3 Adventure Week
Worth Ranch
Sunday 07-10-2022 1:00 PM CT to
Friday 07-15-2022 5:00 PM CT
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