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USA Archery LEVEL 1

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Those wishing to run Troop and Venture Unit archery activities as and to become an approved Archery Merit Badge Counselor will need to complete the USA Archery Level I Instructor Certification or above.


Note that USA Archery announced significant changes in the Instructor Certification Program June of 2022. No longer will USA Archery offer the complete in-class Level I and Level II Courses as it has for years. Those seeking USA Archery Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Certifications will now need to register and complete two parts, an online class and an in- person class Practical Course. Note that all refresher courses must be completed online through their  Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Certification Online Refresher Courses


One, the participant must register on-line with USA Archery and successfully complete the Level I or the Level II Instructor Certification Online Course through the USA Archery web site. The curriculum has not changed for the online class which will cover range safety, range setup, the steps of shooting, equipment and repair, lesson plans and available programs, and managing difficulties related to disabilities. The class is $40 payable to USA Archery. See below.


Two, the participant will then be able to and need to register for an in-class Practical Course sanctioned and conducted by a Level II Trainer. The Practical Course involves range time applying what has been learned in the on-line class. Course fees for the Practical Course will vary based upon the Level II Training and facility. Registering for the Practical Couse allows the Level II Trainer to conduct the class for the person, administer the written exam, and complete paperwork on-line allowing immediate certification upon successful completion.


Those seeking to complete the USA Archery Certification through the Longhorn Council will need to first register and successfully complete the USA Archery on-line Instructor Certification. Second, they will next need to register on-line through USA Archery for the Practical Course offered sanctioned by the Level II Trainer and offered by the LHC. There is no cost for registering for the Practical Class through USA Archery. It is a formality. The participant must then register for the class through the LHC registration page. Cost is currently set at $45.


The Practical Couse will involve not only the curriculum, activities, and exam in approximately 3.5 hours but also will additionally cover BSA Shooting Sports policy, LHC Archery Policy, and how to conduct the Archery Merit Badge including arrow making and string making. This will additionally take 2 hours.


Instructions on registering for the online Instructor course, please follow these steps:

Log in to your USA Archery Membership Services Account at usarchery.sport80.com
(if you don't have a USA Archery account yet, you will be able to click Create Account on this page)

Click on your Personal Account

Click Courses on the far-left side of the screen

In the menu of courses that appear, search for the appropriate USA Archery Online Instructor or Coach Certification Course you are looking for

Click Enter

After reading the course information, scroll down and click Next

Click Add New Entry

Click the green Add button next to the appropriate name and then click Next

Proceed through the registration form and Checkout

To access the online course, return or log in to your Personal Account. In the menu of options under your Profile, scroll down and select Access USA Archery Education Hub. You will be automatically directed to the USA Archery Education Hub where you will complete your online course.

If you have questions, contact:

USA Archery at  certifications@usarchery.org


Don Goldston, USA Archery Level III Coach, Level II Trainer

Frontier Trails

LHC Shooting Sports Committee


When & Where
USA Archery LEVEL 1 Practical
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch
Friday 12-01-2023 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 12-03-2023 5:00 PM CT Past
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