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ABCs of Patch Design

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2023 ABCs of Patch Design 

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How Can Your Unit, District, Council, Chapter or Lodge facilitate Scouts to design your Anniversary patch, Unit patch, Philmont patch, Jamboree patch, inspire membership participation, rally Scouting Alumni in your organization, and/or raise $400 for your organization?  

All the answers are provided in an official Philmont Training Center ABCs of Patch Design conference that will take place by Zoom at our Longhorn Council office June 19-20, 2023.  You will be present at the council office for the FIRST-EVER PHILMONT TRAINING  ZOOM  CONFERENCE. Specializing in designing OA, Jamboree, Religious, District, Council, and just about any type of patch you can think of (at a special fee of $ 90).   


It’s a secret but the first 20 confirmed DFW Zoom participants will receive $ 50 value in collectible patches that will include Philmont and National Jamboree (participants for this year's Jamboree could use a little trading stock). 

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Take Our Course 

  • Reason # 1 -   Learn How A Patch Design Can Help You Raise $ 300 For Your Organization
  • Reason # 2 -   Patchonomics – Don’t Let Your Patches Break Your Budget!
  • Reason # 3 -   You’ve Been Selected As Leader of An Event – Don’t Panic!
  • Reason # 4 -   Your Son Or Daughter Can Design A Patch
  • Reason # 5 -  Prevent Your Design From Being A Dud!
  • Reason # 6 -   Build A Brand New Program That Wasn’t There Before
  • Reason # 7 -   Your First Patch Design In One Hour !!
  • Reason # 8 -   Grow Your OA Chapter Or Lodge!
  • Reason # 9 -  Leaving Your Mark On A Patch

Training Center Attendees

  • Half Week - $ 260.00 +  Housing (On Location)
    • Upon confirmed registration, a $ 5 value “welcome aboard” patch will be sent to you as an illustration of how patches can improve your program

Zoom Attendees

  • $ 90 *(DFW Area & Home Zoom)
    • * Longhorn Council Office Zoom location along with a limited number of Home Zoom participants.  Upon confirmed registration, a Welcome Aboard $ 5 valued patch will be mailed to all DFW area participants. 

Click the Link, and look for ABCs of Patch Design at: https://events.scouting.org/form/A5BD140D412047AD/

For more information, please contact:

John Ryan
Text: 817.939.5673. 

Philmont Training Center Scholarships

Scholarship applications are already posted for the 2023 Summer Training Conferences

Our ABCs Faculty has over 17,000 designs to its credit with over 150 years of design experience.

At ABCs of Patch Design conference, here are some features:

  • · A Pre-Conference Zoom Orientation
  • · Guide First Time Designers through a proven patch design process
  • · Invaluable Tips for those who’ve already designed a few patches
  • · Teach you to embed “your signature” or “mark” within a design
  • · Discussions on various software that can assist the patch design process
  • · Cover all manner of patch design shapes, colors, logos, etc
  • · Discuss “Patchonomics.”  Patches don’t have to be an expense if you know how to design, market, price and use success factors to ensure profit.   Turn a Cost into a Surplus!
  • · Have a Graduate of our 2022 ABCs Design course available at PTC to provide guidance on how to design patches and learn from his initial successes.  
  • · Help you discover multiple uses for patch designs
  • · Give you tips on how to set yourself up for success by establishing a relationship with patch manufacturers.
  • · Explore a dozen proven strategies on how your patch design can be instrumental in increasing participation


A final note, although our course will involve you designing from 2-4 patches according to our process, bring your ideas or future requirements for a patch and we can be onsite advisors  (We are not designing your patch but we can keep you from going off course, give you tips, etc).

When & Where
ABCs of Patch Design
Philmont Scout Ranch
Monday 06-19-2023 8:00 AM CT to
Tuesday 06-20-2023 8:00 PM CT
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