Great Rivers Council - First Aid Virtual Merit Badge Workshop

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First Aid Virtual Merit Badge Workshop

Event Details

Important Information (please read):

Scouts are required to have access to a computer/laptop with video & microphone access and reliable internet. Once registered, Scouts will be emailed a Zoom invitation no less than 24 hours before their class.

This class will be capped at 12 Scouts

Electronic blue cards will be emailed to Scouts upon completion of the badge.

About this course: 

This course will be completed in two sessions, Wednesday, Sept. 22nd (CPR/AED Portion) from 5:30-7:30pm & Thursday, Sept. 23rd (Requirements Portion) from 5:30-9pm.

Instructor Name - Jerold Ramos (contact:


Requirement # 2....complete requirements 2A, 2B, & 2C and submit the answers to your counselor.

Requirement # 5....complete requirement 5A and be prepared to discuss your kits contents with the counselor (send your counselor a pic of the kit) & 5B complete the inspection and report your findings to your counselor.

Requirement # 7....Take an old long sleeved shirt and stuff it with old rags, newspaper or anything that will help it to pop out and look like a (like a scare crow) person. This is what you will demonstrate your CPR on to your counselor and if you stuff the sleeves as well, you can use this to demonstrate how to stop bleeding and work on splints.

Requirement # 8....Have some gauze pads/gauze strips available to demonstrate the technique to stop bleeding.

Requirement # 10....Have some wood splints/homemade splints available to demonstrate the technique to immobilize an forearm,wrist leg and ankle.

Requirement 13C....Make a homemade stretcher and have it ready to show the counselor how you did it.

When & Where
First Aid Virtual Merit Badge (CPR/AED Portion)
Wednesday 09-22-2021 5:30 PM CT to 7:30 PM CT Past
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First Aid Virtual Merit Badge (Requirements Portion)
Thursday 09-23-2021 5:30 PM CT to 9:00 PM CT Past
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