Bay-Lakes Council - 2022 Spring Camporee - Hosted by Kettle Country District

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2022 Spring Camporee - Hosted by Kettle Country District

Event Details

The Hunt for Bigfoot

 Bay Lakes Council Spring Camporee

April 29 thru May 1, 2022

JCC Rainbow Camp

Fredonia, WI



Join us for the weekend as each Expedition Team (Patrol) venture out to search for Bigfoot – the reigning World Champion of Hide and Seek.

  • Can you properly identify an animal call or was that a Bigfoot call?
  • Bigfoot are close to 8 feet tall – learn how to walk like bigfoot
  • Bigfoot is known for throw large rocks and boulders from far distances at unsuspecting expedition team members.   Can you throw them back?
  • Bigfoot “tree knocks” are the way they communicate back and forth – Your expedition team must communicate without using words 
  • Use your orienteering skills to find the various bigfoot signs

Throughout Saturday’s challenges, each Expedition Team will be earning points that will determine the top 5 Expedition Teams that will have a chance to win a tug of war contest against Bigfoot and his friends.

There are two (2) PRE-WORK items that the Troops need to work on ahead of time and "Be Prepared" for these activities:

  • "Rube Goldberg" Bigfoot Trap - come prepared to build a Troop Bigfoot Trap at your Campsite
  • Develop your own communication method to send messages back a forth without talking over long distances 
When & Where
JCC Rainbow Camp
Friday 04-29-2022 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 05-01-2022 11:00 AM CT Past
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