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Virtual Trivia

Event Details

Virtual Trivia Contest

The competition will be steep, as we will have questions on everything from history, sports, geography, movies, maybe a Scout question or two, and so much more! All proceeds will support your local Boy Scouts of America Council. Thank you for your support to help keep Scouting moving forward in your community!

To register, please click on "continue as guest" and decide how many people you are registering/paying for. A full team is 5 people and the cost is $75; please provide each team member's name & email address to complete the team registration.  

If team members are registering/paying individually please make sure to provide the "team name" you will be competing as when you complete your registration. Those with the same "team name" will be grouped together for the competition. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with rules and details. On the day of the event we will email you a zoom link to gain access to the event. 

Team and individual registration will close the day before the event. The cost is $75 per team or $15 per person. Dress code is casual, while team spirit is encouraged. **Please click “register as guest” on the next page.**

Don't have a team? Register yourself onlne and we will form teams of single registrants or add to established teams. 

The contest will begin at 7:00 PM and end at approximately 9:00 PM.


  • Each team is made up of five team members.
  • Teams will log into the Zoom meeting by 6:45 PM. Please plan on being logged in and ready to play by 6:45 PM. 
  • All questions should be answered only using the brain power of the team.(No computers, phones, virtual assistants, or lifelines.)
  • There will be ten rounds with five questions each (the final round will have ten) with a break between the fifth and sixth round.
  • Each round, questions will be shown on screen and read aloud
  • After all the questions have been read, a link to an answer form will be shared in the chat.
  • After the link is sent in the chat, teams will be sent to Zoom breakout rooms to discuss and fill out the answer form for 2 minutes.
  • Each team will submit ONE set of answers from the link provided per round.
  • Each question is worth one point, the winner is the team with the most points.
  • If there is a tie, a sudden death trivia off will happen, first team to answer incorrectly comes in second.
  • The winning team will earn a $100 gift card to the local establishment of their choosing. (Or may donate winnings back to Scouting!)

Please contact Sally Bork if you have questions or need help registering at (920) 203-0700 or

When & Where
Spring Road Elementary
Friday 11-20-2020
7:00 PM CT to 9:00 PM CT Past
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