Bay-Lakes Council - 2024 Wood Badge 6-635-24

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2024 Wood Badge 6-635-24

Event Details

Why do some units seem to run more smoothly than others? Why do some teams seem to manage change more effectively than others? Why do some people seem to have the ability to navigate the challenges of a busy schedule without breaking a sweat?

It is not an inherent quality that makes these units, teams, or people effective or efficient. Rather, it is leadership: whether at the personal, team, or organizational level, an individual with a vision; the ability to communicate it clearly; the willingness to let others contribute to it; and the drive to make a plan and work it provide advantages to the organizations, teams, and home to which that person belongs.

If that is the impact you want to have on your Scout unit, on your District Committee, on your work culture, in your faith community, then Wood Badge is where you learn, develop, and hone the skills that make you that leader. Why do we offer Wood Badge?

  • To build stronger Scout units. You will make your Scouting unit – your children’s unit – stronger.
  • To learn the What and Why of Scouting. You will gain a deeper understanding of what Scouting is and why we do it.
  • To gain experience. You will learn and experience things that will stay with you in Scouting and for the rest of your life.
  • To help other groups. You will make other organizations you belong to – PTA, Church, work teams, your family – stronger and better able to execute their vision.
  • To have fun. In Scouting, our youth discover themselves and their values through fun, challenging, life-changing experiences while developing relationships that will last a lifetime. Wood Badge is your turn to do the same and capture that fire.

Wood Badge is an immersive course in Scouting Aims and Methods coupled with learning about leadership and team development skills in an active, outdoor environment, with the goal of enabling adults to provide a quality program that will enable their youth to grow to their greatest potential.

The course covers two weekends: 7:30 am Friday, August 23 - 5:00 pm Sunday, August 25; and 7:00 am Saturday, September 7 - 5:00 pm Sunday, September 8. The course is open to you if you are a registered adult Scouter current in Youth Protection Training and position-trained in your primary Scouting role. Previous Scouting experience is not required: you are encouraged to attend, whether a Cub, Scouts BSA, or Venture leader.  At the conclusion of the two weekends you will develop a set of five goals and work with a counselor to complete them within the following 18 months.

The cost of the course is $300, but register and pay prior to February 22 April 30, 2024, this is discounted to $250.  Scholarships are available to cover part of the cost of course, contact Course Director Jeremy Searl at to inquire.

You can make a difference.

When & Where
Weekend 1
Camp Rokilio
Friday 08-23-2024 7:30 AM CT to
Sunday 08-25-2024 5:00 PM CT
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Weekend 2
Bear Paw Scout Camp
Saturday 09-07-2024 7:00 AM CT to
Sunday 09-08-2024 5:00 PM CT
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