Bay-Lakes Council - 2022 Spring Camporee & IOLS Training - Hosted by Gathering Waters District

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2022 Spring Camporee & IOLS Training - Hosted by Gathering Waters District

Event Details

Gathering Waters District is totally amped to invite all troops and crews from across the Bay-Lakes Council to hang loose at our epic Hawaiian Surfer Themed Spring Camporee.


Catch the Wave of Adventure!

Plumbing Merit Badge: While working on the Plumbing merit badge, Scouts learn many rad aspects of plumbing and the pipe fitting trades. You'll get to safely use many of the sick tools of the trade, including torches, wrenches, threaders, etc. You will get a high-level view of what careers as professional plumbers and/or pipe fitters are like and the steps necessary to enter these in-high-demand trades. Even if you’re not interested in discovering plumbing as a potential career, it is still a fun and valuable merit badge to earn as it will give you an opportunity to demo the safe application of basic plumbing skills which will prepare you to handle regular maintenance and minor repairs of household faucets, drains, and toilets in the future. This is one badge that might "keep you out of hot water!" 

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge: The Eagle-required Emergency Preparedness merit badge will hone your planning skills for unexpected disasters. As Scouts, we must be prepared for anything as we are often called upon during disasters to shred gnarly challenges by local authorities with their disaster responses.  You'll learn useful rescue techniques, better understand the history behind disaster preparedness, prepare your own household for a potential emergency, and participate in a camp-wide emergency drill. 

Kayaking Merit Badge: By completing the requirements of this cool merit badge, You’ll learn the fundamentals of safe kayaking, including how to recover from a wipeout (capsize). This is a suitable merit badge for all scouts who have passed the BSA Swimmer Test. Scouts earning this merit badge will familiarize themselves with kayaking equipment and techniques. Then they'll put their paddling knowledge to use by demonstrating their skills on glassy water in a paddle battle for the ages! 

Webelos Welcome: Please invite Webelos to join your unit at Spring Camporee. We will be offering two Webelos Adventure Pins; "Fix It" and "First Responder" on Saturday for the lil' Dudes and Dudets. These Grommets are welcome to participate in much of the open programing with some exceptions (cannot participate on the High-Ropes Course or choose to Whitewater Raft). 

Other Opportunities: For scouts who’ve already earned these merit badges or would prefer to only take one, there will be an opportunity to participate in a number of other programing options and adventures. Some of them include:

  • OA led service project;
  • There will be a fun Hawaiian-style campfire program on Saturday evening, each unit is encouraged to sign-up to perform a skit or song (respectful use of ukuleles, guitars, or other instruments is encouraged);
  • An Order of the Arrow Call-Out directly following the campfire program;
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) training for registered adults, registration is embedded into the Spring Camporee site, so leaders will sign up for IOLS, as they continue through the online registration process;
  • Den Chief Training for Scouts BSA youth interested in this important Position of Responsibility;
  • Affinity Space discussion panel, for those interested in respectfully discussing challenges and opportunities for girls in the Scouts BSA program.  How do we recruit more girls into the Scouts BSA?  What things should be done differently to do this?
  • High Adventure Activities offered during open programing times (Ropes Course, Shooting Sports, Rafting, etc.).

Meals Provided: Due to the weekend being jammed packed with so many different adventures, we will be utilizing the Dining Hall for all meals as a means to save time and build fellowship across units. 

Cost: $25.00 per participant; $10.00 for MB Counselors and Order of the Arrow Volunteers (to cover food costs).

We're looking forward to saying "Aloha" to your unit at this super gnarly Spring Camporee at Gardner Dam Adventure Base May 13th through 15th, 2022!


When & Where
Gardner Dam Adventure Base
Friday 05-13-2022 4:00 PM CT to
Sunday 05-15-2022 12:30 PM CT Past
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