Bay-Lakes Council - Kon Wapos Lodge Spring Fellowship

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Kon Wapos Lodge Spring Fellowship

Event Details

The Kon Wapos Spring Fellowship 2021 will be a special opportunity for the OA to support the council camporee and the Cub Scout Rokilio Experience.  OA members will provide service in a number of areas and we will have OA fun and fellowship included in the weekend.  Some of the areas we will suport during the weekend, include helping with parking and check-in on Friday night and Saturday morning, meal service for the Cub Scouts and the camporee program volunteers and staff.  The OA will plan and conduct a campfire for the camporee Scouts on Saturday night.  An OA call-out for newly elected OA members will be held at the campfire.  We will also be calling out our 2021 Kon Wapos Lodge Vigil Class on Saturday night. 

A special evening of fun & fellowship for OA members will be held on Saturday night after the campfire.  We'll have games, food, music and time to get to know OA members from all over Kon Wapos Lodge.  Your registration fee includes snacks and all meals during the weekend.  Friday night snack, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening Fellowship snacks, Sunday breakfast and lunch.  

OA members are needed by 4pm on Friday to help with parking and check-in.  Earlier arrivals can help with set-up tasks on Friday afternoon before the Scouts arrive for the camporee.  The OA will assist with camporee clean-up on Sunday and will conclude by 2:30pm.  Members can leave early, if needed.  Check out with the lodge adviser or their designee on Sunday before departing.   

OA members who have been Ordeal for 6 months or more, are eligible to complete their Brotherhood.  Brotherhood interviews will be conducted Friday night and Saturday.  The Brotherhood hike and ceremony will be held on Sunday morning.  There will also be a Lodge Executive Committee meeting on Sunday morning.  All members, youth and adult are invited to the Lodge Executive Committee meeting. 

Here is a list of service opportunities for OA members:

  • parking & check-in
  • medical staff, first aid services
  • campsite guides to show Scouts to their assigned camping area Friday afternoon and evening
  • meal service team members to help with food preparation, set-up, serving, clean-up
  • clean team members for general cleaning and bathroom cleaning - you can take a shift and move to another area
  • campfire set-up and clean-up
  • campfire program - Do you have musical talent - instrumental or voice?  Are you involved with theatre?  Sound system & lights?
  • Time for Reverence (Scouts Own) - need youth leaders for Saturday night
  • service project leaders to lead Scouts during Saturday doing service projects for Camp Rokilio
  • fishing program support
  • branding station (adult members needed)
  • trading post - OA trading post and camp trading post
  • general service corps members to help wherever a need arises during the weekend 

There will be time to relax and have some free-time. 

We will follow covid protocols which include distancing, wearing a mask and frequent hand washing.  We will issue red facemasks to OA members.  This will identify you as an OA member and service team member for the weekend.  The OA will be camping in the vicinity of the Viking Ship.  Members will sleep 1 per tent.  Youth protection guidelines prohibit parents and son/daughter from tenting together. 

Leaving camp during the weekend is prohibited. If any youth member needs to leave camp for any reason, they must sign out and be picked up by a parent or guardian or have a signed permission slip from their parents or guardian stating why they are leaving and who has permission to pick them up. Thank you for your help with this safety issue.

All Scouts under 18 years old must have a signed permission slip to attend this event.  The form is located on the registration page.  Individual youth are welcome to attend.  We will have male and female adult advisers to supervise the youth OA members.  

Everyone must bring the Covid pre-screening form and a valid BSA Medical Form Parts A and B. Please bring a copy as it will not be returned.

Items to bring for the weekend include: Scout uniform, OA sash, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, rain gear, underwear, socks, toiletries, towel, money for trading post, flashlight, covid pre-screening form, health history form, any needed medications and the youth permission slip (if under 18).

Any questions can be sent to the lodge adviser.  Email:  Text or call 920-915-7901.

When & Where
Spring Fellowship
Camp Rokilio
Friday 04-23-2021 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 04-25-2021 10:00 AM CT Past
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