Glacier's Edge Council - Short-Term Camp Administrator Training

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Short-Term Camp Administrator Training

Event Details

Short Term Camp Administrator Training

Each short-term camp must have a short-term camp administrator. This person is responsible for ensuring that the planned camp complies with the NCAP Short-term Camp Standards.  This means walking the property to ensure that it is appropriate for the event; ensuring that paperwork is filed and any written BSA approvals are completed and obtained through the council; confirms facilities and program are safe and in good order before starting operation; and that appropriate health, safety and sanitation provisions are made.  This individual also ensures that all activities at the short-term camp comply with the applicable BSA National Camp Standards.

The Glacier's Edge Council will be hosting a short term camp administrator training on Saturday April 13th, 2024. The training will run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Cost per attendee is $70. Lunch will be provided.


When & Where
Short Term Camp Administrator Training
Madison Scout Service Center
Saturday 04-13-2024
8:00 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT Past
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