Glacier's Edge Council - WRD Public Health Merit Badge March Merit Badge Madness

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WRD Public Health Merit Badge March Merit Badge Madness

Event Details


Disability Awareness

Public Health Merit Badge



The Wisconsin River district is offering virtual Merit Badges every weekend in the month of March this year.
There will be a different merit badge to work on each Saturday and Sunday with the first one being on March 6 and the last one will be completed on March 28
Cost is $10

Classes will be primarily held on Zoom however there may be other media systems used as well such as asignments in Google classroom.

An email will be sent a day or two before the class with specific details and links that will be needed.

Partial Merit Badges will be awarded but must be completed within 5 days (easy to do) or find a local councilor 

Times listed are Central Time Zone


Schedule Merit Badges

Public Health – March 6th -

No prerequisites -  


American Labor – March 7th -

No prerequisites -  


Law – March 13th -

Prerequisites: Requirement 4 “Ask five people (not more than one from your immediate family) about the role of law enforcement officers in our society. Discuss their answers with them. Go to a law enforcement officer in your neighborhood and ask about his or her responsibilities and duties. Report your findings.”  


Photography March 14th  –

Prerequisites: complete cyber chip 


Disabilities Awareness – March 20th –

Prerequisites: Requirement 2

“Visit an agency that works with people with physical, mental, emotional, or educational disabilities. Collect and read information about the agency’s activities. Learn about opportunities its members have for training, employment, and education. Discuss what you have learned with your counselor.” 

Requirement 4a – “Visit TWO of the following locations and take notes about the accessibility to people with disabilities. In your notes, give examples of five things that could be done to improve upon the site and five things about the site that make it friendly to people with disabilities. Discuss your observations with your counselor. • Your school • Your place of worship • A Scouting event or campsite • A public exhibit or attraction (such as a theater, museum, or park)”


Coin Collecting – March 21 –

Prerequisite:  Show five different grade examples of the same coin type. 

Collect 5 of the US State Quarter Program 

Obtain one of each cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar coins 

Do ONE of the following: (a) Collect and identify 50 foreign coins from at least 10 different countries. (b) Collect and identify 20 bank notes from at least five different countries. (c) Collect and identify 15 different tokens or medals. (d) For each year since the year of your birth, collect a date set of a single type of coin 


Collecting - March 27 –

Prerequisites: Have a collection, how to properly care for it, potential value, and be ready to discuss or upload photographs of it 


Diversity and Inclusion (Tentative) -  March 28 -




When & Where
Merit Badge Saturday, March 6
Madison Scout Service Center
Saturday 03-06-2021
9:00 AM CT to 2:00 PM CT Past
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