Ohio River Valley Council - NT Scout Skills Challenge Camporee

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NT Scout Skills Challenge Camporee

Event Details


Spring Scout Skill Challenge and Camporee

We need your help: A patrol went out on an overnight adventure and didn’t check the weather report. Severe storms are in the area and they got separated. 1 of them made it back to civilization but the other 5 are missing. You have been tasked with helping in the search and rescue operation.

Your patrol of 5-6 Scouts will set out with what little information we have in hopes of finding them and helping return them to safety. This challenge focuses heavily on First Aid and Navigation.

You should be prepared for all of the following eventualities: No sleds, you’ll carry everything on your backs. Split the gear among yourselves and work together as a team.

  • Administering first aid to the hikers or your patrol members
  • Water/ice and/or land rescue
  • A severe pop-up storm moving into the area with little or no warning
  • Navigation with compass and pace count.
  • You will stop and cook your lunch on the trail. You’ll have to carry everything you need to do so, including food. Extra points given for nutritious and tasty food. Plain hotdogs and ramen noodles won’t cut it for a good score, get creative. Setting up camp for the night including making a useful camp item using lashings
  • Transporting an injured Scout that can’t walk
  • You may run across some semi-helpful people, but they will want something in return, Scout knowledge. Knowledge of knots will come in very handy. Practice, practice, practice.
  • Work as a team. There are points to be won and lost based on teamwork

This is a timed and scored event. You will carry a score card that will show the time you arrived at a station and what time you left the station. You are being timed on how long it takes you to navigate from station to station. Time in the station doesn’t count against your total time. Your navigation time will be totaled.

Great Opportunity for new Tenderfoot Rank Scouts to get their feet wet before Summer Camp!

Date:  May 15-16 (Deadline to sign up MAY 1)

Time:  Saturday May 15, 8:30 am  (Bring lunch to cook) to Sunday, May 16, 10 am

Cost: $15

When & Where
Sandscrest Scout Reservation
Saturday 05-15-2021 8:30 AM ET to
Sunday 05-16-2021 10:00 AM ET
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