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CS Resident Camp

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Cub Scout Resident Camp

Find out more information about Cub Scout Resident Camp under the attachments on the right.

Cub Scout resident camp is open to any registered Tiger Scout through Arrow of Light Scout.
The BSA Annual Health Form will be collected on the first day of camp.
It is REQUIRED for ALL PARTICIPANTS, Scouts and Adults!

ALL camp sessions require a completed Health Form Parts A & B. You can find a link under attachments on the right.

To ensure a fun and safe camp experience for all the Cubs, each pack must have 1 adult participating, each day, for each group of 4 Cubs from their pack.
For example:
4 cubs = 1 adult
8 cubs = 2 adults
14 cubs = 4 adults

Tiger Cubs MUST BE accompanied by an adult partner at all times, and does NOT count toward the 1 to 4 ratio

Below are the program class options being offered this summer

Automatic Classes Automatic Classes Automatic Classes Automatic Classes Automatic Classes
Backyard Jungle Call of the Wild Bear Claws Cast Iron Chef Building a Better Word
Tigers in the Wild Running With the Pack Fur, Feathers & Ferns Webelos Walkabout Outdoorsman
Elective Choices Elective Choices Elective Choices Elective Choices Elective Choices
Basic Swimming Basic Swimming Basic Swimming Basic Swimming Basic Swimming
Floats and Boats Motor Away Super Science Aquanaut*** Aquanaut***
Tiger Tales Finding Your Way Baloo the Builder Art Explosion Art Explosion
Archery Canoeing*** Canoeing*** Aware and Care Aware and Care
BB Blasting Archery Archery Canoeing*** Canoeing***
  BB Blasting BB Blasting Kayaking*** Kayaking***
      Archery Archery
      BB Blasting BB Blasting

  Classes listed with *** require passing the BSA swim test


When & Where
All Cub Scouts Session 1: 3-day
Camp Thunderbird
Thursday 07-25-2019 8:30 AM PT to
Saturday 07-27-2019 4:00 PM PT
More Information

All Cub Scouts Session 2: 3-day
Camp Thunderbird
Sunday 07-28-2019 8:30 AM PT to
Tuesday 07-30-2019 4:00 PM PT
More Information

Webelos Only Session: 4-day
Camp Thunderbird
Friday 07-19-2019 8:30 AM PT to
Monday 07-22-2019 4:00 PM PT
More Information