Inland Northwest Council - "Ye Ole Tournament of Scouts" A Spring Camporee Festival 2024

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"Ye Ole Tournament of Scouts" A Spring Camporee Festival 2024

Event Details

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
All Scouts far and wide your presence is requested by King Jason of Eastonia at Ye' Ole Tournament of Scouts. Come join the festivities and compete to see who will reign top knights throughout all lands of Eastonia.

It is highly encouraged to come dressed for the occasion.
Spirit points will be awarded for Scouts who dress up. 
We will also have our Camp Easton Trading Post open!

Morning activies will include: 

  • Themed stations that will challenge scouts in team building skills requiring scouts to work together to complete the task in a timely manner while presnting scout skills and spirit. 
  • All meals will be cooked in the campites,
  • After lunch scouts will begin or continue to work on constructing their catupult in their campsite. Plase, no firing of the catapults in the campsites. 
  • All Units will get a change to work on their catapult after launching before their next launch. 
  • All Units will get 3 launches, more if time allows. 

Afternoon Activites:

  • Catapult Launching - Main Parade Field

Evening activites:

  • After Dinner there will be a campwide firebowl ceremoney with Songs, Skits, Run-ons and the Like. 

When & Where
Camp Easton
Friday 04-12-2024 5:00 PM PT to
Sunday 04-14-2024 10:00 AM PT Past
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