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OA Polestar Training

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The Induction is the first, most crucial part of an arrowman's journey in the Order of the Arrow. From the first unit visit, to the election and call-out, to the Ordeal and through to Brotherhood, the Induction process is what brings our Brothers together and creates the meaningful experience we strive to provide for all members. As every member is a part of this process within the visiting and election teams, Chapter and Lodge leadership,

Ceremonies, Elangomats, even simply a guiding voice for an unsure Scout or countless other roles, it is vital that every member join Polestar this January 20th to 21st. Just as every event includes fun and personal growth, Polestar will also include training in the form of videos, group discussion, games, and more. Please join us in this comprehensive, nationally developed program to share your experiences and ideas to improve our Lodge's inductions, and learn how each of us can provide this unique experience to every one of our Brothers!


Cost is $25.00 or included with 2023 Octipass 

When & Where
Fire Mountain Scout Camp
Friday 01-20-2023 6:00 PM PT to
Saturday 01-21-2023 4:00 PM PT Past
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