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Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

Event Details

The Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge will take place on January 21st from 5PM - 8PM at the Perkins Scout Reservation Dining Hall, AND January 22nd from 9AM - 12PM at the Perkins Scout Reservation Shotgun Range. Scouts MUST attend both sessions in order to be eligible to complete the all Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge requirements. Completion of the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge is at the discretion of the merit badge counselor.

You will find the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge worksheet and NWTC Shooting Sports Participation Agreement attached to this event. Please review all requirements before registering your Scout for this merit badge. Scouts who complete all merit badge requirements during this event will receive the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge and the conclusion of this event.

NOTE - Shotgun Shooting takes a certain degree of skill in order to qualify. Not all Scouts will possess the skills necessary to qualify during this event. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED your Scout be at least 14 years old (unless having previous shotgun shooting experience) to best ensure he/she is able to control the firearm properly. If you have questions/concerns about this, please contact Mr. George Russell.

NOTE - A parent/guardian MUST COMPLETE the NWTC Shooting Sports Participation Agreement in order for a Scout(s) to participate in this event. Parent(s)/guardian(s) who do not complete this form will not be allowed to have their Scout(s) participate in this event.


When & Where
Shotgun Shooting MB Session No. 1
Camp Perkins
Friday 01-21-2022 5:00 PM CT to 8:00 PM CT Past
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Shotgun Shooting MB Session No. 2
Camp Perkins
Saturday 02-12-2022 9:00 AM CT to 12:00 PM CT
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