Circle Ten Council - 2019 Northern Trail Twilight Camp

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Importing, Managing, and Using a Personal Roster
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How parents can update registrations.

Choose the rank based on what the scout will be in the Fall.

Lions and Tigers attend June 5 - 7 while Wolf, Bear and Webelos attend June 3 - 7

If the scout is now a Lion then you would register him as a Tiger.

A Lion is a scout going into Kindergarten in the Fall.

A Tiger is going into first grade in the Fall.

A Wolf is going into second grade. 

A Bear will be in third grade in the Fall.

Webelos is going into fourth grade while Arrow of Light is going into fifth grade in the Fall.

Shirts are not guaranteed to be available for those who register after May 1st but orders will be filled in the order that the registration is completed.

2019 Northern Trail Twilight Camp
June 03, 2019 4:00 PM: Breckinridge Park