Capitol Area Council - BSA Aquatics Supervision 2 Paddle Craft Safety Modules - Basic Kayaking and River Kayaking

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BSA Aquatics Supervision 2 Paddle Craft Safety Modules - Basic Kayaking and River Kayaking

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Capitol Area Council 

BSA Aquatics Supervision 2 Paddle Craft Safety Modules 

Basic Kayaking and River Kayaking

BSA Paddle Craft Safety expands Safety Afloat training to include the skills, as well as the
knowledge, required for a unit leader to assess whether or not they are qualified to supervise
a kayaking activity. Persons completing the training will have the opportunity to learn the
skills to safely launch and maneuver a kayak along with planning and rescue techniques.

There are 2 modules of training for kayaking: (1) Basic (classroom) and (2) River (in-person still and moving water). The
training modules are open to any registered adult leader, Scout or Venturer, who is age 15 or
older. The Basic Module Paddle Craft Safety is a prerequisite to the River (moving water)

The trainings are conducted by council approved ACA instructors, takes roughly 8 hours for
each level and is valid for three years. You must be able to pass a swim check and be
classified as a BSA swimmer to participate and pass the final written test to get the card and


     Virtual Class Saturday 10/2, 8:30am – 12:00 pm
     In-Person Class Sunday 10/3, 8:00am - 5pm

Cost:  $100 for both modules.

Includes: Lunch Sunday

Location: San Marcos River Retreat on the San Marcos River near San Marcos/Martindale

Registration Deadline: Sept 23, 2021

Bring your BSA medical form parts A, B, and C and the other documents related to COVID, swimsuit, sun screen, a long
sleeve shirt for UV protection, towel, water shoes (not crocs). You may also wish to bring a wetsuit –
San Marcos River water temps are in the 70’s year-round but air temps could be in the 50’s-60’s. A
combination of the cool water and a cloudy cool day might require a wetsuit.


All required documents need to be hard-copy and are non-returnable.

To register: Complete this registration and once registered, we will contact
students to make arrangements for them to receive reading materials

For additional information, contact Dean Woodley at, or Greg Stanton at

When & Where
Paddle Craft Safety
San Marcos River Retreat
Saturday 10-02-2021 8:00 AM CT to
Sunday 10-03-2021 5:00 PM CT Past
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