Middle Tennessee Council - Climbing and Rappelling Training

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Climbing and Rappelling Training

Event Details

Climbing Instructor Level I/II

This training is for adult leaders (21 years of age or over)

Rock climbing is a quickly growing sport, even seeing it as a new addition in the 2020 (2021) Summer Olympics in Tokyo.  Many of your scouts likely have been indoor climbing at one of the many local climbing gyms in our area.  Most of them though likely have not had the opportunity to rappel off a 160' cliff.  This (or perhaps a slightly less challenging opportunities) can build a huge amount of confidence and excitement in your scouts and even your adult leaders. 

The Middle Tennessee Council Cope and Climbing Committee provides a unit level training program for climbing and rappelling.  The program requires two weekends to complete.  At the end of the first weekend you will qualify to receive your Climbing Instructor Level I trained card (valid 1 year).  Then coming to a second session and helping provide instruction, and exhibiting proficiency in the taught skills, will qualify you to receive your Climbing Instructor Level II card (valid 3 years).

Each session Starts on Friday evening @ 6pm and concludes on Sunday evening around 6pm.  Locations include Boxwell Reservation and on Sunday a natural rock area about 2 hours from Boxwell. 

When & Where
Fall Session
Boxwell Reservation
Friday 10-18-2024 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 10-20-2024 5:00 PM CT
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Spring Session
Boxwell Reservation
Friday 04-19-2024 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 04-21-2024 5:00 PM CT Past
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